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  1. PrestaShop Nulled Module - Plugins - And-Ons Card payments made simple with SumUp. Easy Configuration needs only Sumup account's email. The attractive and customizable user interface of the module provides customer with convenient, fast and easy processes Attractive, trustful and easy Attractive and trustful design is one of the crucial points of successful checkout for any customer. Simple user interface ensure customer confidence and provide with an amazing purchase journey. All these important points gathered together in one module - SumUp Safe and secure 100% Secure and reliable. Module guarantees privacy, confidentiality, and security of all customers. All personal data are confidential Optimized and fast processes All you need is filling required fields and pressing the submit button which make purchase process very fast. Optimized Module promise to your customers tool without bugs and other detraction points What your customers will like Easy, fast and secure transactions Installation Go to the back office-> Module Manager -> Upload a module Upload zip file of ‘SumUp Payment Gateway’ Put your Sumup account's email Now you are ready to get payments directly to your Sumup account! https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/44630-sumup-payment.html#overview https://disk.yandex.com.tr/d/oDA7qHBpWBTVFA
  2. Nulled GDPR Compliance Pro - 2022 Enhanced Edition This is the first and most sold GDPR module for Prestashop! This is the only module that offers your store and your business full GDPR compliance. Complete adherence to the European Cookies Law and the most recent GDPR amendments It ensures that the individual about whom information is held can exercise their rights under the Act of GDPR. On May 4, 2020, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) adopted guidelines on valid consent under GDPR. including the right:-  to be informed that processing is being undertaken  to prevent processing in specific circumstances  to correct, rectify, block or erase information which is regarded as incorrect information  of access to personal information  to erasure  to portability where applicable https://addons.prestashop.com/en/legal/31185-gdpr-compliance-pro-2022-enhanced-edition.html GDPR Compliance Pro 2.1.21.zip
  3. Nulled Product options, bundles and customization Module v4.1.0 An amazing module to add options (paid or not) to your products. Allow your customers to customize your products, whether visually or not. Also allow your customers to create configurable packages This module will allow you to create product personalization fields en masse, assigning them to several products and even several categories. With this module you will have the possibility to choose a type of fields (text, select, image, color, accessory ...), to give them several predefined values, but also to assign them an additional cost! You will then be able to manage only the stock of the product to customize, without having to go through the attributes. The price will be automatically calculated based on the customization made by your customer. In addition you allow your customers to visually configure their product! Also propose to your customers the composition of packs produced according to the rules that you set! Extend your offer considerably with this multi-function module, the most comprehensive in its class. What your customers will like Give your customers additional options to customize their product. Orient them by setting pre-defined values. Submit them a visual editor for a unique offer Installation Standard process https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/19536-product-options-bundles-and-customization.html Product Options v4.1.0.zip
  4. A module for creating a complete backup of your store. Also has an ability to automatically upload your backups to Google Drive. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/22159-prestabackup-pro-google-drive.html https://data.forumnulled.com/ProWebNull/2022/11/1575_PrestaBackup_PRO__Google_Drive_1.3.1.zip
  5. Completely backup your PrestaShop store automatically or manually. Completely restore your PrestaShop store in the same location or elsewhere (another domain or locally). Backup and restore your shop easily. Backup your online store and restore it where you want! The ideal module for developers: Create the shop locally and restore it onto the production server in 1 click! Save a shop on a production server and restore it locally or on a test server in 1 click! Most popular backup module for its simple and ergonomic interface, its reliability even on small limited servers, its powerful advanced features and top customer service. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/20130-nt-backup-and-restore.html NT Backup And Restore 14.1.0.zip
  6. Extra Options v1.0.7 - Custom Product Attributes For PrestaShop Nulled Create global extra options (custom attributes) and price impact for each option that applies for all existing products in ONE time. Faster and easier to manage than PrestaShop default attributes. Increase total value of each order with selected extra options Each online store may have a large number of products, managing and adding attributes to all of them will take the store owner a long time. PrestaShop already offers "Attributes & Features" feature but the shop owner must add them separately for each product, which is very time-consuming and effort, especially for the stores that have hundreds of products or more. By adding global extra options (custom attributes) for all or most of products in the store and creating price impact for each option, our PrestaShop product attributes module - "Extra Options" - will help solve this problem, save your time, and minimize workload. With "Extra Options", the shop administrators would be able to manage and customize their products more quickly and easily than using PrestaShop's default attributes feature. https://prestahero.com/additional-information-product-tab/156-extra-options-prestashop-custom-product-attributes.html Extra Options v1.0.7.zip
  7. Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4 + UA) - PRO Module v5.1.0 Nulled PrestaShop The most advanced and reliable module to work with Google Tag Manager! Add an enhanced and customized datalayer on every page of your shop and plug every others services you like in few clicks (Analytics, Fb Pixel, Adwords...). Compatible with GA4 ! Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4 & UA) : This module sends a lot more information than classic Google Analytics (or Universal Analytics), so you can have more accurate ecommerce reports. Know more about your e-commerce : Shopping and purchasing behavior, Economic performance, Merchandising success, Product Attribution... Why use Google Tag manager ? A Tag Management System (TMS) replaces hard-coded tags that are used for marketing, analytics, and testing on a website, with dynamic tags that are easier to implement and update. A tag Management system also increases your Page speed assembling all your tags and load them asynchronously. Why use our module ? Our module generates a very complete datalayer so you can make the most of Google Tag Manager. Moreover, the installation is very straightforward (1 clic in Prestashop, and a configuration file for GTM, compatible with GA4, Universal Analytics, and more!) What your customers will like With more information about your customers behaviours, you can adapt your online shop to fit their needs. Push on top your best categories, re-design your checkout process to have less abandoned carts and much more ... Installation You need a Google Tag Manager account Install module (automatic installer), and enter your GTM ID (GTM-XXXXXX) Setup your tags in Google Tag Manager by Importing the configuration file Enjoy GTM and the enhanced analytics and your new detailed reports! https://addons.prestashop.com/en/analytics-statistics/23806-google-tag-manager-enhanced-ecommerce-ga4-ua-pro.html#overview Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce v5.1.0.zip
  8. Joli Search v4.3.26 - Advanced Visual Search Module JoliSearch replaces the default Prestashop search bar. It is faster, better and easier to use. Improve your customer's navigation and boost your cart values. Test our newest release, with even better performances and innovations. What this module does for you The instant search results offer a modern and easy to use interface. Unlike the default prestashop search, Jolisearch can search on every term of the request to increase relevance. For example, with this option inJolisearch, the search "Yellow shirt" will only return products that contain both these words. A faster search engine for your shop Through the relevance of its search results and it's helpfulness to navigate your shop, Jolisearch increases the average shopping cart. The setup of the module is simple but thorough Easily integrated to any theme Every term is translatable The module is shipped with the following translations : english, french, spanish It is multishop compatible It is compatible with the 2 most popular faceted navigation modules : AdvancedSearch4 and AmazzingFilters What your customers will like With the Jolisearch module, provide a modern and performant search tool to your customers : An instant presentation of search results, with forward pushing of product images, and the possibility to quickly refine the search within a category or a manufacturer A relevant navigation experience, with tenfold possibilities Jolisearch handles spelling and typing mistakes. The closest matching words are proposed if the initial search doesn't return any results. For example, "creem" will return the same results as "cream" After a search, the context is preserved and allows the user to quickly search again by clicking the search bar https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/11066-joli-search-advanced-visual-search.html Joli Search v4.3.26.zip
  9. The Checkout 3.3.5 The *BEST RATED* One Page Checkout module on Addons Market. For Prestashop 1.7 Merchants ♥ love ♥ it! (please check the module reviews) Higher conversion rates. Easily customizable checkout form. Professionally looking and responsive checkout. Supports ANY shipping and payment method - in case your shipping or payment methods does not work yet, we guarantee FIX/add support or REFUND. Our advantage over competitors? We provide not only product as-is, but also Professional support, Consultations and Customization according to your custom needs. What your customers will like Customers need to build trust. We're trying to achieve that with these core concepts: Professionally designed checkout form All options visible immediately and updating live Fully responsive - very well usable from Smartphone, Tablet or PC https://addons.prestashop.com/en/express-checkout-process/42005-the-checkout.html#overview The Checkout 3.3.5.zip
  10. I need this module last version: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/referral-loyalty-programs/50053-3in1-reward-point-loyalty-referral-affiliate-program.html#specifications
  11. Nulled Amazon Market Place Module Best-seller and exclusive on PrestaShop Addons, the Amazon Market Place module is the #1 solution to export products on Amazon, import and manage orders. You can easily integrate your PrestaShop store to the world’s top marketplace Amazon and significantly increase your sales. You import your orders into your PrestaShop store and centralize your stocks. Managing your Amazon inventory efficiently and quickly honoring your Amazon orders allows you to increase the degree of customer satisfaction and thus automatically increase the rank of your Amazon seller performance. The design of the Amazon module is based on the initial experience of online retailers. The Amazon module was developed by an online retailer for the service of his colleagues and it was developed by a team of professional developers, by making it easy to use and to have the maximum efficiency. Your purchase is protected by free technical support that is provided unconditionally until the products are placed on Amazon and the first orders are imported. This module was developed by Common-Services, which is a partner agency of Prestashop. Common-Services has been featuring on PrestaShop Addons since 2010 and it has also published 15 other best-selling modules that are marketed only on PrestaShop Addons. https://data.forumnulled.com/ProWebNull/2022/10/161_Amazon_Market_Place_5.1.1.zip
  12. Product Properties Extension v3.3.15 -sell by weight, length,etc Module This module adds the ability to specify quantity of the products using decimal values and different units of measurements like meters, feet, kilogram, ounces, pounds, yards, packs, etc. What this module does for you This PrestaShop extension allows you easily create sophisticated grocery, or manufactured items or fabrics shop with features that extend the standard PrestaShop installation. It is not just simply one more PrestaShop module. It is an integrated PrestaShop solution. Give your visitors a unique user experience to buy exactly what they want and how they want. Emphasize your products with unique properties by using different product templates and boost your sales. Just several simple examples You sell meat. You customer can specify that he or she would like to buy 1.5 kg of meat. You sell cheese. You customer can buy 250 gram, or 300 gram, or 720 gram, or any other weight. You sell fabrics or textile. You customer can buy 12.5 meters, 2 ¼ yards, or any other length. You sell frames or boxes, tiles, ceramics or parquet flooring, or your business is in printing solutions - our Multidimensional Plugin is for you! (see our demo site) Have complex non-standard dynamic product price calculations; add Smart Price plugin to our Product Properties Extension module. Create your price calculation expressions, define dynamic quantity and price dependent explanations and make the shopping experience for the customer more attractive. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/sizes-units/5628-product-properties-extension-sell-by-weight-lengthetc.html# https://ftp1.forumnulled.com/PrestaShop/Module/1e/Product_Properties_Extension_v3.3.15.zip
  13. PrestaShop Blog Module Nulled Free Download v3.3.3 The most trusted PrestaShop blog module, best traffic module award, best performance, easy-to-use and feature-rich! BLOG is an all-in-one PrestaShop module that brings all essential features of a blog to your website. What this module does for you 1. “All in one” - PrestaShop blog module Blog comes with everything you need to build a professional blog for your PrestaShop e-commerce website. All the features available in Blog are of the topmost quality with simple and easily understandable instructions and customization options to provide the best blog solutions for your PrestaShop website. Blog includes all the major features of a blog such as blog posts, blog categories, blog comments (with security captcha protection), stunning image gallery, beautiful image slider, latest news, archive posts, featured posts, post author, most popular posts, posts by author, positive authors, blog likes, rating, reviews, RSS feed and many more. 2. Beautiful and attractive design Blog comes with 4 page design templates according to your choice (grid, list, large box - grid, large box - list). All pages are professionally designed with latest design trends to make sure you have an eye-catching blog on your website. Unlimited colors with color picker: Select suitable colors for your website from the back office using the color picker. Fully responsive: Displays perfectly on all device/ screen sizes. 3. Fully customizable To help you build up your own unique and impressive PrestaShop blog, our Blog module allows you to adjust every detail of each blog element, such as: Blog home page: You can select how the blog post will be displayed, the number of blog posts, featured posts and manage the featured gallery images, etc. Blog side bar: you can set up side bar position, type of blog post display on side bar, which post block to display, etc. Not only display related posts on product detail page, Blog can also enable you to show these posts on product category page. You may adjust the number of post and type of display form: carousel slider or grid. Image customization: with our PrestaShop blog module, you can manage the size of various image types, for example: blog post thumbnail, main blog post image, category thumbnail, etc. Blog with the feature of creating a table of contents for the post to help readers grasp the main content of a post and navigate to that position easily. In addition, with the floating button, you can easily open the table of content at any time. 4. Image slider and gallery Blog comes with a beautiful image slider with attractive animation effects and many useful slider options to choose according to your preference. Blog also allows you to setup a photo gallery page for your website. The created photo gallery can also be displayed in different positions on your website (Main page, Sidebar, etc.). 5. Post author Are you looking for some collaborators to be in charge of blog writing without interfering in your website management? Or maybe you just want to encourage your customers to contribute review articles and product introduction? With Blog, you can setup a group of customers to become blog authors and give them some certain privileges. Firstly, you can set status for an author. He/she may be active, suspended or suspended & hide posts. Secondly, you may enable these authors to add, edit or delete a blog post. You can also allow them to manage the comments from other customers on their posts. With this feature, your website’s reputation will increase dramatically. Accepting customer authors is also a handy shortcut to achieve greater social visibility and interaction. 6. SEO optimized SEO optimization is one of the most important aspects of Blog. It’s carefully checked to ensure your blog posts easily reach the first position on search results page of the popular search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) with your SEO keywords SEO Meta tags: All Meta tags including Meta title, Meta keywords, Meta description are fully supported and are easy to manage. SEO-friendly URL: Custom SEO friendly URLs can be created to make your blog posts come up easily in Google keyword searches. SEO-compatible HTML tags: HTML tags are 100% compatible with latest SEO standards to ensure your off-page-SEO is perfect. Google snippet supported: Displays structured data for posts in search results with rating, author, posting date etc. RSS feed: Our Blog module provides your customers with better navigation, up to date information and offers you some SEO value by increasing traffic that is generated as a result of your site being the place to go for information. Google sitemap: A site map is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. This helps visitors and Google bots find pages on the site. You can easily create one for your blog with our PrestaShop blog module. 7. Comments, likes, ratings and poll Blog is equipped with many features to increase the customer interaction with the blog when reading blog posts. The customers can comment, like or rate a blog post on your website. You can easily manage, track, approve/unapproved comments, likes, ratings from customers via the backend. Guest comments are supported. This module allows customers to leave comments/ratings on posts without having to register with your website. (You can enable/disable this feature from backend). Captcha security is also supported to make sure your blog comments are always real and not spam. Polls are another great way to enhance your blog with an interactive element or feature. Blog allows you to add a poll on every blog post, you can enable the visitors to vote, use captcha security for polls, require feedback for poll, etc. 8. Notification email Blog comes with a detailed email notification system. Right after an event taking place, a notification email will be sent to you or your customers: when a new blog post is published, a new comment is posted or when a comment is reported, etc. You can view and edit the notification email template that will be sent to administrators, authors, and users/customers. 9. Statistics Blog also provides a detailed statistic tool for you. It has a chart visualize your blog views, likes and comments data with time filter. In addition, our module saves all the view log data such as: your readers IP addresses, web browsers, which post they read, etc. so you can have more insight information. You may know which blog article is the most favorite via Blog’s likes log and pay more attention for its content. Our module also supports clear log feature to save your server storage capacity. 10. Import and export content This is a unique feature that you only find in Blog unlike other free PrestaShop blog module. This feature allows you to export all your PrestaShop blog content (blog posts, blog categories, slider images, and photo gallery) in one click. You can also easily import all the content to your blog in one click soon after the PrestaShop blog integration with your website. What if you want to import data in the form of posts (articles) and most of the details or features supported by the content publishing platform such as WordPress? Don’t be worry, Blog also enables you to transfer data from WordPress and this process can be done within a click – totally simple for everyone. 11. Flexibility & compatibility Blog is the most flexible PrestaShop blog module you may come across in the marketplace. Everything which appears on the frontend of the blog can be managed from its backend. It is also coded with flexibility consideration using HTML, CSS, and PHP, so if you're a web developer you can easily customize the display of the blog according to your preference or extend its features if needed. This module is strongly compatible with different versions of PrestaShop, custom themes and it’s also guaranteed to work perfectly with other custom modules after PrestaShop blog integration. 12. Easy to use – backend Module backend is completely done with jQuery Ajax technology to reduce the number of page reloads when working with the backend. This helps you quickly manage your blog content (add, edit, delete, sort posts, change slider images, approve/unapproved comments/ratings etc.) The backend of Blog is simple and easy to manage even if you don’t possess much technical knowledge. 13. Multi-shop, Multi-language and RTL support Works with multi-shop: Blog fully works with PrestaShop multi-shop mode, you can create separate blog posts, blog categories, etc. for each shop Multi-language support: Blog is completely integrated with the default PrestaShop multi-language feature. Sections of the frontend are by default available in all the major languages in the worlds such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. You can easily translate everything from the back office to a language of preference. RTL mode: If your store is based in countries with right – to – left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syrian etc. this module is for you! We have taken a lot of care into making the frontend of Blog to fully support RTL languages. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/blog-forum-new/25908-blog.html#overview BLOG v3.3.3.zip
  14. Product Designer Module v1.98.5 - PrestaShop Module Nulled A modern customization module for PrestaShop 1.7 What this module does for you This module integrates into each product page of your choice and displays a design interface where your customers can add their texts and images, preview and directly order their designs You can configure dynamic pricing based on the number and size of the design elements When a new order is placed, you will receive an SVG file that you can print directly and ship to your customer https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/30176-product-designer.html#overview Product Designer Module v1.98.5.zip
  15. Order Manager Edit, delete, export, quick view & more Module v2.5.1 Nulled Edit/delete/duplicate orders, export orders to CSV/Excel/XML, quick view order and customizable order listing page with additional data fields. Order Manager is an all-in-one PrestaShop order management tool to manage orders easily and effectively. You chose PrestaShop for your business because it’s simple to use, quick to set up and it’s one of the best ecommerce platforms out there. While PrestaShop helps you get the sales, it's quite difficult if you want to edit an order or delete PrestaShop orders as customer's demand. In addition, the default order export feature of PrestaShop is very restricted and couldn't satisfy your increasing requirement. But don't be worried! We’ve developed Order Manager - an innovative order management tool for PrestaShop with useful features to help you solve all the problems with managing orders on PrestaShop e-commerce platform. Let’s discover why you should choose Order Manager to manage and export your order data! https://addons.prestashop.com/en/order-management/28571-order-manager-edit-delete-export-quick-view-more.html Order Manager v2.5.1.zip
  16. Overview QuickBooks Connector module allows you to sync your PrestaShop Store data with your QuickBooks Online. Using this module, you can sync Customers, Products, Orders, and Map Category, Taxes, Payments Methods, Order Statuses. What this module does for you insert_chart Promote your products 1. Sync Products Automatically export products on QuickBooks, whenever the product is created on PrestaShop. Also, you can import and update products from QuickBooks to PrestaShop. Import a single product at a time or import/update all products from QuickBooks to PrestaShop. Auto-map PrestaShop products with QuickBooks products based on name or reference number. 2. Sync Orders Synchronize orders from PrestaShop to QuickBooks and vice-versa. Export all the orders or by date to QuickBooks. New orders generated by customers in PrestaShop get automatically exported to QuickBooks. Import orders to PrestaShop by sales receipt number. 3. Category Mapping Map categories of PrestaShop store with QuickBooks. Also, you can auto-map PrestaShop categories with QuickBooks categories having the same name. 4. Sync Customers Synchronize customers from PrestaShop to QuickBooks and vice-versa. Update customer information on Quickbooks when created on PrestaShop. Export specific customers or all the customers at once to QuickBooks. Import a single or all customers at a time from QuickBooks to PrestaShop. Auto-map PrestaShop customers with QuickBooks customers based on name or email. 5. Tax Rates Mapping Ensure tax calculation accuracy by mapping tax rates of PrestaShop to QuickBooks. 6. Easily Synchronize Payment Methods Download the QuickBooks payment methods and map them with PrestaShop payment methods. 7. Map Order Statuses Under Map Order Status, the admin can select the QuickBooks Sell Type to map it with PrestaShop order status. See less What your customers will like Installation To install the module on prestashop, admin has to follow the steps- Go to the back office->modules->add a new module. Upload zip file of Prestashop QuickBooks connector module. The module will automatically get install and can be configured now. Note : In order to install this module you need to first install/enable the Oauth libraries on your Prestashop server. https://addons.prestashop.com/1565704-pbig/quickbooks-connector.jpg NOTE The module is only compatible with Quickbooks Online (web-end). Admin needs to set up the developer account on https://developer.intuit.com/. From this URL, the admin can get the client ID and client secret required for module configuration. "In case of any discrepancy, the functionalities/features of the module written in the English language will be final". wkquickbooksconnector_7.zip
  17. Nulled Amazing gallery: responsive images gallery + Zoom Displays a fully responsive amazing gallery with many features on the product page. Zoom feature and in-place slider with swipe functionality on product page. Improve your product page with an amazing responsive images gallery. Support image zoom, swipe on mobile and many options listed below. Installation Easy one-click installation with predefined options. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/sliders-galleries/27862-amazing-gallery-responsive-images-gallery-zoom.html Amazing gallery responsive images gallery + Zoom 1.3.6.zip
  18. SmartKeyword SEO Search Engine Optimization 5* Module Nulled Go No.1 on Google thanks to our SEO recommendations. Benefit from several modules in one (301 redirect, title / H1 / meta-description tags, internal linking, mass generation of metas, structured data, etc ...The best all in one module. The 1st addon finally complete: Rules to automatically optimize all your meta tags: category pages, products, CMS, brands, etc. Step-by-step guide to optimize the content of your pages: meta tags, h1-h6 structure, word count, lexical field, structured data (schema.org), open graph, twitter cards Rules to optimize the internal mesh between your pages Elements with emoji : Optimizes the natural referencing (SEO) on all search engines Saves you time The 1st complete SEO addon that allows you to optimize your entire website without any additional development. Description : Double your traffic and your sales thanks to an optimized SEO, on all search engines : Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Be alerted of all simple and concrete optimizations to implement on your shop by a simple and synthetic personalized dashboard. SmartKeyword module gives you a complete inventory of the optimization of your pages (product, categories, CMS, brands, etc.) and above all, concrete optimization ideas for each one : meta tags, content relevance, modification of h1 tags, everything is managed to allow you to (really) perform in SEO! https://data.forumnulled.com/ProWebNull/2022/10/466_SmartKeyword_SEO_1.7.9.zip
  19. Regenerate Image Thumbnails - 1.2.0 This module gives you an ability to regenerate your thumbnail images in an easy and convenient way. No more timeout during regeneration process. This module gives you the most easy and convenient way to regenerate your thumbnail images especially if you have a large catalog. It’s using a batch ajax technic, so no more timeout during the regeneration process. The old thumbnails deleted right before generate the new one, so no more missing thumbnail. You just select the desired image type and format or select all, it generates a process queue so you can track the regeneration status. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/visual-products/20351-regenerate-image-thumbnails.html#overview Regenerate Image Thumbnails 1.2.0.zip
  20. User internal balance UserBalance Module v1.1.1 Nulled With this module, store customers can fill up in advance his/her personal account and immediately pay from it (fully or partial, if not enough money) all purchases in the store. What this module does for you Internal balance module makes your shop more convenient for customers and, consequently, can increase your profits. The module offers flexible options for administrators: full multicurrency module - can handle multiple currencies, the customer balance is carried out in the currency of the store on default the availability of internal balance is adjusted for different groups of shop customers the administrator can choose which store payment modules are available for account replenishment automatic or manual charging of funds on the customer balance (depending on connected payment systems of the store) the administrator defines the order statuses under which money is charged to the user balance the administrator defines the order statuses under which the money is removed from the balance (in case of the order refund) the possibility of mass balance funding or deduction of funds from the balances of all customers of a particular customer group adjusting of VAT charging on operations to balance recharging possible to charge affiliate bonus and royalties to the customer internal balance (requires installation of appropriate modules) the ability to return the value of any customer order to its balance upon order cancellation the administrator can allow or deny payment for goods from the internal balance the administrator determines the order statuses (paid from the internal balance) under which money is debited from the balance and returned to the balance (in case of return of goods) the administrator can allow or deny a partial payment for the order (if money is not enough on the customer balance) the administrator can allow or deny advance account replenishment the administrator can allow or deny money withdrawal email-notification of the administrator about the customer request to withdraw funds the ability to set a minimum amount for withdrawal, in order not to be overloaded with "penny" payments detailed statistics for the administrator about the funds movement on the customers balance https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/25035-user-internal-balance-userbalance.html https://ftp1.forumnulled.com/PrestaShop/Module/1a/UserBalance_v1.1.1.zip
  21. Estimated Delivery Date V3 - Smart Modules A must-have module for any shop. Increase customer trust and sales while reducing date-related support requests. Show your customers the estimated delivery date, from basic to elaborate configurations, on the product page, order process, and emails. The importance of delivery dates cannot be overstated, particularly for customers eager to spend their money in your store. This module assists you in assisting your consumers by providing features that make the overall purchasing experience of your customers easy and efficient. When shopping online, you probably have found yourself wanting to know when a product will arrive more than once. There might be several reasons for this, such as that you need the product by a specific date or are eager to receive it... In all of these cases, knowing the estimated delivery date of the product can influence your purchasing decision by increasing your trust in that shop and making you more comfortable and secure in making the purchase. From the owner’s perspective, once configured, you will see a drop in all support inquiries relating to delivery dates (this has been verified by our clients numerous times) and an increase in the sales, making the investment completely worthwhile. Internally, the module always attempts to separate its configurations into two modes: basic and advanced, making it possible to configure the module in 5 minutes while still allowing for complex configurations for those shops that require precise setups. This is possible because the module’s features handle the preparation and delivery process as if it were real life. To help you understand how it works, we've presented some of the features you’ll find particularly helpful. Geolocation: The module uses unregistered users' geolocation to determine which carriers should be displayed for that customer. The customer's stored addresses will be used after they've logged in. Display modes and customization: Without editing a single line of code, a broad range of choices are available to simply define each parameter, such as style, time format, location, and colour of the Estimated Delivery information box. Carrier-based configurations: You can set all carrier parameters globally or individually for each carrier with the advanced options. Global settings: Date modification using global parameters such as categories, manufacturers, or suppliers Product-based configurations: When configured, they override the general settings, enabling you to change the delivery time of your items by utilizing the module's unique characteristics (picking days, out-of-stock additional days, release dates, available dates...). This can be accomplished at the product or combination level. Orders and emails: The Estimated Delivery date option can also be enabled during the order process. The date can be displayed optionally on the summary, in the carrier selection phase, and finally on the order confirmation page. When this functionality is enabled, clients and administrators may check the delivery date from the order history at any time. Following the placement of the order, the delivery date can be included in the shop emails by adding a special variable on the templates. Orders by picking (pickup dates): A visual guide for determining which orders should be prioritized to meet the projected delivery dates generated at the time of the order. https://data.forumnulled.com/ProWebNull/2022/10/363_Estimated_Delivery_Date_V3_3.6.2.zip
  22. TinyMCE 5 editor. With professional and advanced features, image editor, Bootstrap functions, icons, and more additional plugins to edit the content of pages, products, categories and more. Replaces the Prestashop editor. https://data.forumnulled.com/ProWebNull/2022/12/1797_SuperTinyMCE_PRO_6.2.0.zip
  23. This is the most advanced import/export module in Prestashop. It allows to import/export products and combinations from CSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, JSON, TXT files easily. The process can be fully automated by CRON. It supports files from URL/FTP/SFTP/Path. ATTENTION: It is very important to try the module with your file on the demo until you are confident about it. Especially if you want to import products from XML/JSON files, you must check your file on the demo in order to make sure it will work as you expected, because XML/JSON files don't have specific structure as it has unlimited depth of nesting and extreme flexibility of structure. BENEFITS FOR MERCHANTS Easily import products and combinations from CSV, EXCEL ( XLS/XLSX), XML, JSON, TXT files. Just upload your import file and match columns with the right product properties and enjoy flawless bulk import of your data. Regardless of the size of your import file, the module will import all data without any timeout issues. Server timeout problem is resolved by using AJAX and importing data in portions. You can configure CRON Job to import data from any accessible location, for example, URL, File Path, FTP, SFTP. You can update products by Reference, ID, EAN, Supplier Reference, MPN. The module provides many options to configure it according to your needs. You can see progress of import by CRON right in the module page. You can track import history in the “Import Logs” page which provides many useful information about your imports. You can export your products and combinations into CSV, XML, JSON, XLS, XLSX, TXT, ODS files easily. It is possible to automate export process by using CRON Job so that it exports products/combinations at specified time intervals automatically. You can change headers of export columns very easily and you can re-arrange export columns with mouse drag. It is possible to make export for Facebook Commerce Manager. You will just change export column headers according to requirements of Facebook Commerce Manager. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-import-export/24523-easy-import-products-from-csv-excel-xml-json-txt.html Easy Import Products 7.4.7.zip
  24. Create step-by-step questionnaires that will allow your customers to find products that fit their needs within your catalog. By answering the questions they will see the products you recommend, based on the answers they provided. Automate your customer service. The module will allow you to have a tool that automatically recommends the right products to your customers. Fewer e-mails to process and phone calls to answer thanks to the questionnaire system. Features Design step-by-step survey that will lead your customer to the products that match their needs The questionnaire's ergonomy is optimized to offer customers an intuitive and easy-to-use page Surveys can have as many questions as you want, and are fully customizable Lists of recommended products can be created manually or generated from the criteria you choose (products belonging from specific categories or of a certain brand/color/size/... for example) Use customized URL, meta title and description to improve the survey page SEO Choose between 2 display modes : standard vertical layout or horizontal slider https://data.forumnulled.com/ProWebNull/2022/12/1783_Product_Advice_Survey_3.0.5.zip
  25. Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates by providing customers with a simplified checkout. Prestashop One Page Checkout gathers default Prestashop checkout steps at one page to speed up the buying process. Prestashop One Page Checkout module is compatible with PrestaShop framework version 8.x.x. A lengthy and complicated checkout process is one of the top reasons for cart abandonment in eCommerce. The faster and simplified checkout process results in a superior user experience. Prestashop One Page Checkout allows you to display all the checkout steps on a single page and offer your customers a faster checkout experience. Customers now don't have to wait for the next page to load and complete their purchase on a single page. One Page Checkout 4.3.1.zip
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