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  1. WooCommerce Product Configurator Nulled - 1.8.0 Save Time Creating Images for Product Variations Use image layers to create the final product image – saving you time. Your customers can visually configure a product in WooCommerce – show them every combination with little effort. Make Product Customization User-Friendly When customers select each product option, the product image will update with a new layer – giving them a much more satisfying experience. Once added to the cart, customers see a mini-preview of their final product with the options they selected – saving confusion and reducing cart abandonment. Save Time With Layered Image Layers Use transparent PNG image layers for each product option to save countless hours creating image combinations. Including an additional product option is as simple as adding a new attribute and PNG layer. Manage Stock Levels for Each Product Option Manage the stock levels of each product option right from the product edit page – making inventory management a breeze. View stock levels quickly so you have enough of each component in stock – saving customers frustration. Customize WooCommerce Products On Any Device Allow customers to build their own products on the go so you don’t miss out on potential sales. Provide the best customer experience possible, no matter which device your customer is using. https://iconicwp.com/products/woocommerce-product-configurator/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1j/1b/WooCommerce_Product_Configurator_1.8.0.zip
  2. WooCommerce Attribute Swatches Nulled - 1.14.0 Add Color and Image Variation Swatches to WooCommerce Replace the standard variation dropdowns with color, image, and text swatches. Help customers make decisions more quickly with a visual and user-friendly experience. Modernize WooCommerce Attributes With Stand-Out Swatches With an easy-to-use color-picker, you can select the perfect color swatches for your store. Show a preview of each variation’s actual appearance, material, or texture with image swatches. Upgrade text-based product attributes with clean text and radio buttons. Use the same type of swatch throughout your store, to save time, or pick and choose to suit each individual product. Help Customers Find What They’re Looking For By adding color, image, and text swatches to your product filters, you’ll make product browsing an enjoyable experience. Give customers a visual preview of your product options with color and image swatches that you can customize. With an improved and visual product filter, you’ll help customers quickly find the products they’re looking for. Preview Product Variations on the Shop Page By adding swatches to the shop and catalog pages, customers will be able to see exactly what’s available, even before visiting the product page. Change the product image when clicking a swatch, or link through and pre-select the variation. Decide which swatches to display on a per-product basis, or store-wide. Fine Tune Your Pricing by Adding Attribute Fees Add fees to some, all, or none of your product attributes. I.e. When the ‘Material’ is ‘Gold’ add $15 to the product price. Customers will see an accurate price updated as they explore your product options. Set complex pricing structures with very little effort and fewer variations. https://iconicwp.com/products/woocommerce-attribute-swatches/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1j/1b/WooCommerce_Attribute_Swatches_1.14.0.zip
  3. WooCommerce Show Single Variations Nulled - 1.10.0 Show Variations on the Shop Page -Help Customers Find What They’re Looking For -Give customers a clear and straightforward shopping experience by displaying variations as single products. -Show accurate search and filter results that show individual products, rather than catch-all variable products. -Save customers time, clicks, and frustration by improving the browsing experience. Show Variations in Filter and Search -Expand Your Product Catalog in Just a Few Clicks -Choose which variations to show on the shop page, filtered results, search results, featured listings, or none of the above. -Hide the parent variable product for a cleaner look. -Help customers find the right products, quickly. Add to Cart -Save Your Customers Clicks -Add variations to cart right from the product listing pages. -Prevent unnecessary clicks through to single product pages. -Increase your shop’s average order value by making it easier to buy from you. https://iconicwp.com/products/woocommerce-show-single-variations/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1j/1b/WooCommerce_Show_Single_Variations_1.10.0.zip
  4. WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management Nulled - 3.2.2 WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management Plugin provides option to manage Product Stock from Multiple Locations for your WooCommerce Store. Our plugin is designed to help WooCommerce based eCommerce store that ships products to its customers around the globe from multiple warehouses or a company that sells products from its stores in different locations. The plugin automatically detects the nearest Product Location. It also shows Availability and Pricing of Product based on the location of a product. https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-multi-locations-inventory-management/28949586 https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1j/1b/WooCommerce_Multi_Locations_Inventory_Management_3.2.2.zip
  5. Restrict Content Pro Nulled WordPress Plugin Restrict Content Pro, created by Pippin Williamson that strives to be the premiere membership platform for WordPress. Lock away your exclusive content. Give access to valued members. Below you can see just some of the features that make thousands of websites entrust their business with Restrict Content Pro. Discount Codes. Create an unlimited number of discount codes and offer percentage or flat rate based discounts. Built-in Integrations. Accept credit cards with Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, or PayPal Website Payments Pro. Restrict Content Pro also supports PayPal Standard and Express, as well as multiple payment options at the same time. Reports. Elegant and easy-to-use reports to show you exactly how well your membership site is performing. Easily see the current month’s performance, or any other time period. Data Export. Generate a CSV of all active members of any particular subscription level, or a CSV of every member in the system. You can also generate a CSV of every payment that has been made. Extensive Help. Contextual help inside the WordPress admin provides you relevant information at your finger tips. Live Demonstration. To help provide a better idea of what Restrict Content Pro looks like for subscribers, visit the live demonstration site and test the registration process yourself. Members Management. Easily view all active, pending, expired, cancelled, and free users. Simple Setup. Restrict Content Pro makes it extremely easy to deliver premium content to your subscribers. Member Emails. Send welcome emails to new members, email payment receipts, and remind members before their account expires automatically. Member Approval. Moderate member accounts to control who gets access after registration. Customer Dashboard. Let your members easily view and manage their account details. Subscription Levels. Create an unlimited number of subscription packages. You can easily create free, trial, and premium subscriptions. Prorated Upgrades and Downgrades. Customers can move between subscription levels and only pay the difference. WooCommerce Integration. Easily control who can view and/or purchase products in WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. https://restrictcontentpro.com/ v3.5.22 https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1i/1a/Restrict_Content_Pro_v3.5.22.zip v3.5.23 https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1j/1b/Restrict_Content_Pro_3.5.23.zip
  6. UiPress Nulled - 2.4.2 A highly customisable dashboard The overview page has been built from the ground up to allow unlimited control over the layout, colours and content of your dash. analytics Powerful Analytics Easily connect to Google Analytics and get in depth data about your visitors directly in your WordPress Admin. shopping_bag WooCommerce Integration Easily display up to date information about your store and keep track of orders. videocam Custom Videos, Custom anything You can now easily add your own videos with the custom video card. Use the custom HTML or shortcode cards to add pretty much anything else you can think of. shopping_bag WooCommerce Integration Easily display up to date information about your store and keep track of orders. code Developer Friendly The overview page is written in vue.js and we have an easy to follow API for adding your own completely custom cards. https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1j/1b/UiPress_2.4.2.zip
  7. Meta Box AIO – All Meta Box extensions in one package Nulled - 1.16.5 Create WordPress custom fields and meta boxes in any possible combination you can imagine. It’s created for WordPress site creators who want to save loads of time building custom fields and custom meta boxes. This WordPress custom plugin is a library and framework that helps you create quickly and precisely. Developers have options for people familiar with code and also for those who don’t even want to look at it. Meta Box is carefully built with performance in mind. It loads only the needed modules when required and excels even on high-traffic websites. Features to Create Whatever You Need: Simply uncomplicated. Add custom fields in WordPress and start using a custom form in just a few minutes. It’s as quick as filling out a form. Select the custom options you want in our Online Generator form, then copy and paste the outputted PHP into your website. No assembly required. Adding custom fields to WordPress doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Meta Box works smoothly with any theme, plugin or website. Bring on the multisites. Meta Box is fully compatible and works well with both individual and Multisite installations. Fast & weightless. This custom fields plugin for WordPress is speedy and supercharged with no complicated plugin options or admin pages—only quickly integratable code. In and out. When you add custom fields to WordPress, never lose your data! Meta Box is fully compatible with WordPress import and export functionality, making migration to new sites a snap. Gutenberg & GDPR compliance. Meta Box is completely compatible with Gutenberg and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It doesn't store any personal data or send data to remote servers. Just Drag and Drop It. Rather not touch code while building your website? Give Meta Box Builder a try. You can build WordPress custom user fields and forms with our easy drag-and-drop interface. Then, export the PHP code and use the same features without the extra weight of the extension. You can also do the same for WordPress custom post types with MB Custom Post Type. Box It Up. If you have a lot of WordPress custom fields, the user interface can be super overwhelming. Use Meta Box Group to organize your fields and sub-fields into manageable blocks. It’s compatible with multi-level nesting and also a cloning tool to prevent déjà vu. Re-"Form" the Situation. Need a custom form for users to submit content such as reviews or real estate listings that compiles in the back-end? The MB Frontend Submission extension will build it and the custom form will appear anywhere you put the shortcode. Better Than Mahogany. The WordPress meta table for storing metadata is super flexible but also limited in terms of specifics. Organize your collected data efficiently and per your workflow so you can easily access anything you need from any WordPress custom meta box. Create Templates In Minutes. Getting fields' values and output them on the front end will never be a hard work! With MB Views, you're able to create templates for your singular or archive pages in minutes, and set conditions to where to show them. https://metabox.io/pricing/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Meta_Box_AIO_1.16.5.zip
  8. Nulled WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards - Product Purchase Points, Referral Point, Coupon Generation INCREASE YOUR BRAND LOYALTY, CUSTOMER RETENTION, AND ECOMMERCE CONVERSION RATE WITH THE FEATURE-RICH REWARDS PLUGIN FOR WOOCOMMERCE. GET FEATURES LIKE DAILY LOGIN POINTS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS WHICH WILL DRIVE TO REPEATED SALES! The WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards is an all-around points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce that increases your customer retention and skyrockets your conversion rates. If you have been struggling with low sales, you have got to try the ultimate WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards solution. This points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce lets you loyalize your customers by rewarding them with loyalty points. With WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you can efficiently implement a reward system on your eCommerce store. The loyalty points received as rewards by customers are redeemable as offering coupons, discounts on purchases, or other loyalty rewards. Not only that, the points are redeemable to attain the loyalty membership too and become a part of the brand’s loyal members community. Are you looking for a WooCommerce loyalty program plugin to implement a points and reward system on your WooCommerce store? WP Swings has developed a feature-rich and efficient eCommerce solution for customer loyalty – the WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards. Customer acquisition is very taxing on the marketing budget. So, it is very important to grow your loyal customer base in a way that benefits your eCommerce business. Retain loyal customers with our loyalty points and reward plugin. Our points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce is centered on brand loyalty. Use this plugin to implement a point and reward-based customer loyalty program that makes a difference in your sales! The WooCommerce Rewards plugin rewards your customers with loyalty points on Sign Up, Referral, Product Purchase, Product Reviews, Social share, Daily Login Points and other activities performed on your store. Increase Customer Lifetime Value by involving them in your Membership Loyalty Program. The membership feature comes with lucrative levels/tier base programs for keeping your customers engaged and interacting via earning reward points and leveraging the benefits of redeeming points in form of offer coupons and discounts. https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-ultimate-points-and-rewards/19814756 https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/WooCommerce_Ultimate_Points_And_Rewards_2.2.3.zip
  9. Piotnet Grid Builder Nulled - 2.0.2 Easily grid, filter your posts, terms and everything in intuitive ways. Freely create your card styles Various tools and controls allow you to easily drag and drop your best cards Release your grids imagination We do not give you fixed grid layouts, we give you power to make your fiercest grid come true. Lighting filtering Light speed filter - immediate results in fastest 40ms by caching technique. Advanced filtering Lighthouse in storm - plenty of advanced filter types help you to show exactly what desired. Instant search box Full-text search technology applied for a google-like search engine. Dynamic function from 3rd parties power Display contents and styles dynamically with ACF, MetaBox, JetEngine, PODS, Toolset Premium package for ecommerce Unique marketing features of Piotnet Grid: Wishlist, Quick view, Full-text search, Variation Swatches and Boost Commerce. https://piotnetgrid.com/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Piotnet_Grid_Builder_2.0.2.zip
  10. Meow Lightbox Pro Nulled - 3.2.2 Lightbox for WordPress made for photographers, by photographers. It displays EXIF information nicely (title, description, camera, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc), while looking awesome, being fast and light. Standard: The free version of the Meow Lightbox is usually enough for most, and does probably everything you are looking for. Simply beautiful. We focus on one layout that is perfect for most of us. It's slick, adapted to your theme, and available in light or dark. EXIF information. Nicely displays information about your photos, such as camera, lens, aperture, description, etc. Preloading. Preloading makes sure the experience is smooth and natural. Download Link. Add an download link for each of your photo. Full-Screen. You can make sure your photos are displayed in full-screen. Image Protection. Possible to disable the right-click to avoid visitors to download your photos. Optimized. We keep everything light and well-coded. We love everything to be optimized. Caching insures that the data always loads fast. Pro Version: We are added exciting features to the Pro version if you would like to go even further. Slideshow. Perfect to showcase your photos during exhibitions, with friends! That is also a feature your visitors will enjoy using. Location Map. Adds a button which, when clicked, turns your photo into a map of the location. Deep Linking. Would you like to share a link to a specific image on your website? Deep Linking is the feature you need. Please have a look at the tutorial. https://meowapps.com/products/meow-lightbox-pro/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Meow_Lightbox_Pro_3.2.2.zip
  11. WishList Member Nulled - 3.19.1 Building a successful membership business shouldn't be this hard. But, without a complete software and training solution, you'll get lost and give up You'll never quite be sure what to do next and wonder why it looks so easy for everyone else. You'll try lots of things that don't work and waste lots of money in the process. Using complicated software will just compound your frustration. https://wishlistmember.com/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/WishList_Member_3.19.1.zip
  12. Defender Pro Nulled - 3.3.2 Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots are no match for Defender's mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology. Arm your sites! Get started blocking the bad guys with the help of these Defender Pro features: Scheduled Security Scans. Conduct regular security scans, notify admins of suspicious activity, and resolve issues in bulk. 2-Factor Authentication. Join millions who safeguard their accounts with two-factor authentication. Activate 2FA to protect your account with both your password and phone. Audit Logging. Tired of mysterious breakages or slowness on your site? Keep detailed logs of every user action with the Audit Log feature. Instant Email Alerts. Never be left in the dark, with customized reports and automated email notifications about your security. IP Lockout. Brute force attacks are no match for Defender’s IP Lockout system. Protect your site with manual and automatic IP ban, and allowlist control. Login Masking. Better secure your default login URL. Make it tougher for bots to find your login screen with a unique slug. Brute Force Protection. Brute force attacks are no match for Defender. Permanently ban IP's or trigger a timed lockout after a set number of failed login attempts. Vulnerability Reports. Be notified when there’s a security issue or problem. Defender runs surveillance and sends notifications with the information that matters. White Label Security. Rebrand Defender's security powers and replace with your own logo with the WPMU DEV dashboard plugin. Defender Configs. Automatically apply your security settings to connected Hub sites, or manually export / import configs to any site. Recommendations. Harden your site’s security in one click with Defender's security recommendations. Security Headers. Add an extra layer of defense and protect against common attacks like: XSS, code injection, and more. https://wpmudev.com/project/wp-defender/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Defender_Pro_3.3.2.zip
  13. Max Addons Pro for Bricks Nulled - 1.2.2 Maximize Your Website Building Experience with Max Addons PRO for Bricks Quickly create professional pages to streamline your workflow and get results faster. Form Styler Elements Max Addons include advanced Form Styler Elements for popular WordPress contact form plugins. These form styler elements come with multiple styling features that help you to modify the look of simple-looking contact forms on your websites. Stylish Heading Elements Create your own custom color palettes to match your brand. Use your color throughout your entire site. Changes on global colors take immediate effect on every element that uses the same color. Creative Image Elements Create a beautiful image showcase and grab your visitors’ attention with our creative Image Elements. Multiple Elements Max Addons is a complete package for Bricks Builder. It includes multiple elements that help you to build your dream websites. Lightweight & Fast Loading Max Addons is exceptionally lightweight and loads fast without affecting website loading speed at all. Professional Support With Max Addons, you get access to an extensive knowledge base and friendly technical support from our team of experts. https://wpbricksaddons.com/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Max_Addons_Pro_Bricks_1.2.2.zip
  14. Otter Blocks Pro Nulled - 2.0.16 Page Builder Blocks & Extensions for Gutenberg. Otter comes with dozens of Gutenberg blocks that are all you need to build beautiful pages. A Better Page Building Experience Otter can be used to build everything from a personal blog to an e-commerce site without losing the personal touch. Otter’s ease of use transforms basic blocks into expressive layouts in seconds. Customize Every Block with Custom CSS The Custom CSS feature makes it possible to directly customize the CSS properties of any Gutenberg block on the page. You can add media queries, change colours, and add borders all in one easy to follow area. Visibility Conditions The Visibility Conditions feature by Otter allows you to set which conditions should be met for your chosen blocks to be displayed on the page. The following conditions are available now, and more are on the way: User Roles, Logged In/Out Users Post Type, Author, Meta or Category Date Range and Recurring Events Products in Cart, Purchase History and more Query String Animations This feature makes it quick and easy to add animations to any block, enhancing the appeal of your different page blocks and sections. This feature adds more than 55+ motion effects, including: Fading Bouncing Flipping & Rotating Special Animations Sliding Zooming Rolling Premium Blocks PRO Enhance your website’s design with powerful Pro Blocks, like the Add to Cart Block, Business Hours Block and more blocks are coming soon. WooCommerce Builder Blocks PRO Build custom Single Product Pages using WooCommerce Builder Blocks by Otter Pro. All the new features are designed to maximize your conversion rate and bring more improvements. https://themeisle.com/plugins/otter-blocks/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Otter_Blocks_Pro_2.0.16.zip
  15. WooCommerce Order Approval Nulled - 6.4 WooCommerce system allowing you to approve or reject all the orders placed by customers! HOW IT WORKS: APPROVAL WORKFLOW Once installed and activated, the plugin allows you to reject or approve all the orders placed by the customers according to one of those two workflows (that you have to select through the Settings menu): Pay and wait for approval: the customer will normally place the order as it happens for any WooCommerce order. The site admin can lately approve or reject the order. For both cases, the customer will receive a notification email. Wait for approval and pay: the customer will place the order without being charged. Once the order will be marked as approved the customer has to manually pay for it through the order details page. https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-order-approval/24935450 https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/WooCommerce_Order_Approval_6.4.zip
  16. User Role Editor Pro Nulled - 4.63.2 Are you satisfied with standard WordPress roles list or user capabilities distribution among them? Do you wish to change something in the users rights and permissions system? User Role Editor Pro WordPress plugin will help you. Edit any existing role, create new one, fill selected role with capabilities which you need. Assign new created roles or capabilities directly to the user. User Role Editor Pro NULLED version features Why go Pro? Pro version offers extended functionality and it is advertisement free. Buy Pro version and join to the 3320 active subscribers. Look on the Pro version additional features list and take right effective decision: Block selected admin menu items on per role base Show front end menu item for everyone, logged-in users, logged-in users with selected role(s), not logged-in visitors only Block selected navigation menus from editing for selected role Block selected widgets and sidebars under "Appearance" menu on per role base Block selected meta boxes (dashboard, posts, pages, custom post types) for roles Block access to the other roles for the selected role Per plugin access for roles and users with "activate_plugins" capability Export and Import user roles Multi-site: Roles and users management for all sites at Network Admin from one point: edit, replicate roles to all subsites, assign roles and capabilities to the users, replicate existing user together with his permissions to all sites of the network. Multi-site: Restrict access of single sites administrators to the selected user capabilities and Add/Delete role operations inside User Role Editor Multi-site: Superadmin can setup individual lists of themes available for activation to selected single sites administrators Content edit access restriction features Content view access restriction for selected roles and with short_codes Manage what widgets are shown for what role Admin pages permissions viewer shows at the bottom of every admin backend (wp-admin) page the user capabilities list checked by this page and plugins hooked to it Advertisement Free https://www.role-editor.com/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/User_Role_Editor_Pro_4.63.2.zip
  17. WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro Nulled - 2.0.11 variation swatches plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin is an incredible creation by the GetWooPlugins team to create a new experience for WooCommerce product variations. Key Features of WooCommerce Variation Swatches WooCommerce Variation Swatches is a simple plugin but does a wonderful job. It turns product attribute select dropdown into beautiful swatches. It means you can turn product variation selection dropdown into color, button, radio, and image swatches. Consequently, the plugin enhances the plugin experience extensively. Users don’t need to reveal the dropdown select field and see what variations are available for the variable product. Without pressing extra clicks and spending extra time, they can quickly select their desired variation. Auto Convert Dropdown Into Image Swatches If Variation Has a Featured Image Set It’s elusive to configure each product variation one by one to show image swatches. Our new feature of WooCommerce Variation Swatches and photo plugin can enable image swatches based on variation featured images. https://getwooplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-variation-swatches/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/WooCommerce_Variation_Swatches_Pro_2.0.11.zip
  18. Media File Renamer Pro Nulled - 5.4.5 WordPress plugin that renames your media files. It can be automatic (depending on certain conditions) or manual. It is excellent for SEO, to keep your WordPress tidy and to avoid issues related to files. The references to those filenames on your website will also be updated. It has many features, and if you are a developer you can automate the whole process and how the renaming is performed. The Pro version adds more features for experts and more SEO optimization. Transliteration. Advanced transliteration which has been built on thousands of different use cases. Additional Auto Methods. Additional methods for auto-renaming your files. Based on the Post Attached Title (Product, for example), Anonimization, ALT text, etc. Numbered files. If the ideal filename already exists, a number will be appended, and increased if needs to be. SQL Logging. Every SQL requests performed by the Renamer will be logged, as well as the anti-requests (for rollback purposes). Sync Meta. Some of your metadata can be synchronized with the title of the filename automatically. https://meowapps.com/products/media-file-renamer-pro/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/Media_File_Renamer_Pro_5.4.zip
  19. PowerPack Elements Pro Nulled - 2.9.10 Custom addons set for elementor page builder. Super Charge your Elementor website with 70+ Unique, Creative, and Useful Elementor widgets. Create Beautiful Websites like a Pro. Select from a wide range of elementor addons and widgets that meet your design requirements. Every PowerPack widget is built with a special focus on user experience, creativity, and flexibility. From simple functionality like headings to advanced features like Posts widgets, PowerPack has everything that you need to build beautiful websites PowerPack Templates Library. PowerPack brings you a flexible way to build better websites faster than ever. Includes 150+ professionally designed section blocks, that can be imported easily and further customized in just a few clicks. Ever wanted to copy-paste section or content from one website to another? Yes, we have all been there. It’s tiring to save a section, export it, and import it on the new site. Now, you can save all that time with PowerPack’s Magic Wand – Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature for Elementor. Lightweight & Fast Loading. PowerPack is built by a team of WordPress and Page builder experts, the same team that has built the #1 PowerPack Beaver Builder addon. We understand the importance of performance and hence, our experts have engineered PowerPack to work with minimal resources. With the best coding standards and development practices, you can use PowerPack worry-free on every website. Pick From Beautiful Pre-Built Elementor Templates. We have categorized templates into popular categories such as Hero, Testimonials, FAQs etc. Combine these sections and create a flawlessly working website or a beautiful landing page. Special WooCommerce Widgets. We know, it can be frustrating to build beautiful WooCommerce websites with its complex structure and limited styling options. PowerPack Elementor addon gives you a set of specialized WooCommerce widgets. So, you can create beautiful, user-friendly eCommerce websites faster than ever. Exclusive SEO Widgets. PowerPack is the original Elementor addon to introduce an array of search engine oriented widgets. You can leverage the power of Schema and Structured Data along with the design flexibility to build high-ranking websites. Customize Login & Signup Pages. Build custom login and signup pages with advanced Elementor widgets. Allow the users to signup with Facebook & Google conveniently. These advanced widgets by PowerPack will improve your workflow for all kind of websites. Dynamic Display Conditions. Want to display special offers or restrict content for certain user roles? How about adding a special message for a given date range or day? Yes, there are various times when we want better control over the content output. PowerPack’s Display Conditions features lets you do that with a couple of clicks. Take control over every section and widget’s display with extensive display conditions and rules. https://powerpackelements.com/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1l/PowerPack_Elements_Pro_2.9.10.zip
  20. Object Cache Pro v1.16.2 Nulled A business class Redis object cache backend for WordPress Truly reliable, highly-optimized and fully customizable, with a dedicated engineer when you most need it. Rewritten for raw performance WordPress object cache API compliant Easy debugging & logging Cache prefetching and analytics Fully unit tested (100% code coverage) Secure connections with TLS Health checks via WordPress & WP CLI Optimized for WooCommerce, Jetpack & Yoast SEO https://objectcache.pro/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1b/Object_Cache_Pro_v1.16.2.zip
  21. Media Cleaner Pro Nulled - v6.4.6 It cleans your Media Library and your Filesystem. To achieve this, it analyzes your WordPress install in order to find out which files are actually in use. It is the only tool that is able to perform all those tasks and we are working hard to keep it always up to date. Standard version The free version is perfect to clean your WordPress from the unused entries in your Media Library. Clean Media Library. Detects which media entries (images, PDFs and other files) aren't used, and deletes them. Powerful Analysis. The analysis goes through your posts, meta, widgets, and more. Trash or Recover. Your files will not be deleted instantly, but moved to a trash. If you realize that certain files were actually in use, you can recover them easily. WooCommerce Support. As it is a commonly used plugin, the free version supports WooCommerce natively. Pro Version The Pro version adds enhanced support for specific plugins (especially page-builders) and also a filesystem scan, which will help removing more useless files. Filesystem Scan. Analyzes the files directly. It's recommended to remove all the ones which are not referenced in your Media Library. Support for Page-Builders. Page-builders are tricky to support, as they encode the usage of your data in their own way. We make sure all page-builders are well-supported, such as Divi, WPBakery, Fusion, Elementor, Beaver, Brizy, Oxygen, etc. Support for Exotic Plugins. There are thousands of plugins out there, and many of them add new ways of using data. We will make sure everything is supported, such as ACF, ZipList Recipe, UberMenu, etc. Live-site Analysis. Will analyze your website as if a real visitor was browsing it, increasing the quality of the detection. WP-CLI. Are you a power user? If yes, you will be able to add Media Cleaner Pro in your scripts, or run it from the shell. It will run much faster, and anytime you like. https://meowapps.com/media-cleaner/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1h/Media_Cleaner_Pro_6.4.6.zip
  22. Nulled ALD - AliExpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce v1.1.0 Do you want to start an online business with Aliexpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce? Aliexpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce is most likely a keyword that is frequently searched on browsers. If you are new to an online business, Aliexpress dropshipping for WooCommerce is the best option for you because it allows you to start an online business at a low cost, with low risk, attractive revenues, and a wide range of products from AliExpress.com. The most common questions about Aliexpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce are: How do I use Aliexpress Dropshipping to import products into WooCommerce? Can these products be customized? How do you manage the price and quantity of your Aliexpress products to maximize your profit? Do I have to manually fulfil Aliexpress’s orders? Do I have to manually fulfil orders from Aliexpress? … All of these concerns can be addressed by Aliexpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce and ALD – Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce, which is the best option that you should not overlook. ALD – Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce is a plugin that enables store owners to import products from aliexpress.com into their own WooCommerce store. This allows shop owners to easily process and run their own Aliexpress dropshipping for WooCommerce with a wide range of Aliexpress products and earn more money from their online business. https://codecanyon.net/item/aliexpress-dropshipping-and-fulfillment-for-woocommerce/29457839 https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1b/1c/ALD_v1.1.0.zip
  23. Hide My WP Ghost v7.0.02 Nulled Secure your Website & Protect your Business from Hackers Bots. Hide your WordPress website from hackers by using Hide My WP Ghost Plugin. Easy to use, User-Friendly WordPress Security Plugin. Protect Your wp-admin Area Protecting the WordPress admin area from unauthorized access allows you to block many common security threats. Change and Hide Common Paths HMWP Ghost changes and hides the common WP paths, plugins, and themes paths - offering the best protection against hacker bots attacks. Brute Force Attack Protection A brute force attack is an activity which involves repetitive, successive attempts using various password combinations to break into a website. Hide My WP Ghost helps you prevent brute force attacks. SQL Injection Protection The plugin adds filters and security layers to prevent Script and SQL Injection, Brute Force attacks, XML-RPC attacks, and more. XML-RPC Protection The main security threat associated with XML-RPC are brute force attacks. Attackers try to log in to WordPress using xmlrpc.php URL. For protection, you can disable the XML-RPC feature and block access to it. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection Hide My WP Ghost adds security headers to your website for an extra layer of protection against different kinds of attacks like Cross-Site Scripting. URL Mapping & Text Mapping If you find URLs in your source code that reveal the name of a plugin even after all the WordPress common paths have been changed, you can change those URLS into new ones using Hide My WP Ghost. Website Security Check Hide My WP Ghost will run over 35 security tasks to detect all potential breaches. Once the process is done, you'll get a complete list of all vulnerabilities - and how to fix them. Users Activity Log This log enables you to take note of every important action triggered on your WordPress site and store that information until you need it. Knowing what happened on your site at any time, in admin and on the frontend, is an excellent way to improve security. https://hidemywpghost.com/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1b/1c/Hide_My_WP_Ghost_v7.0.02.zip
  24. Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium v2.0.4 Nulled Collect the Best Content, Automatically Add It to Your Site. The most powerful WordPress RSS aggregator, helping you curate content, autoblog, import, and display unlimited RSS feeds within a few minutes. A few reasons why you'll love Feedzy Simple to install Use shortcodes and widgets to add RSS feeds to your WordPress site. Get up and running within minutes. Responsive & intuitive No matter the platform, your content will be fully responsive across mobile and tablet. Pretty as a picture Create beautiful Feedz with images, from all your favorite sites (yes, including complex media from sites like YouTube). You’re in great company Join over 10,000 Feedzy users, and enjoy our 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. Feed to Post Automatically import content from RSS feeds to your WordPress site, building your own affiliate, news aggregator, or content hub website. Feedzy lets you auto-post content to WordPress posts, pages, or any custom post type Article Spinner Integration Automatically rephrase your imported content with WordAI or SpinnerCheif integration (separate subscription required). This refreshes your content, ensuring you have no duplicate content concerns. Templates to Suit your Style Three beautiful templates are available for you to choose the style which best fits your design. We even have support for complex media such as audio playback and YouTube videos. Automate your Affiliate Business Feature affiliate links on your site with Feedzy, by automatically including your affiliate/referral IDs. You can even import prices from multiple sources to create product displays. Feed Caching Your feeds will be automatically cached, and you can choose when they refresh. This will ensure your website loads quickly with Feedzy! Unlimited Content Collect RSS feeds from an unlimited number of RSS sources and bring them to your WordPress sites. Protect your Brand Take control of your content: blacklist specific keywords to show exactly the right content for your business. https://themeisle.com/plugins/feedzy-rss-feeds/ https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1b/1c/Feedzy_RSS_Feeds_Premium_v2.0.4.zip
  25. PixelYourSite PRO v9.3.2 Nulled PixelYourSite PRO started in 2015 as a small Facebook Pixel plugin. Since then, developers helped thousands of online marketers to generate hundreds of millions in revenue from their ads on many platforms. PixelyourSite Professional is now probably the most complex tracking tool for WordPress, managing the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest Tag, Bing Tag, and virtually any other script. https://www.pixelyoursite.com/ To activate license, put in form any value, (example. xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx) https://data.forumnulled.com/WordPress/Plugin/1b/1c/PixelYourSite_PRO_v9.3.2.zip
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