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Advanced Search 5 PRO Filters and facets SEO v5.0.1

Ce Dee

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Boost your SEO thanks to the faceted navigation created by the Pro version of the Advanced Search 5 module. Set up an advanced search by filters and automatically generate multiple SEO optimized results pages, also called facets

  • New major 5 version !
  • Drop PrestaShop 1.6 support. Version 1.7.4 is now the lowest version compatible
  • Rework the BackOffice UI to match PrestaShop latest versions
  • Improve performances on big catalog and/or with a lot of criterion
  • Improve step by step search performances
  • Improve search performance when using multiple criterion from different criterion groups
  • Improve performance when displaying products from subcategories
  • Introduce new search mode allowing to redirect on a dedicated results page (useful for homepage searches)
  • Introduce breadcrumb on search results pages (CMS, Brand, Supplier…) in order to find the original page easily
  • Introduce new sort orders from Advanced Search on category pages when display products from subcategories is enabled
  • SEO: Introduce alternate_langs metas
  • SEO: Introduce description add the bottom of an SEO page
  • SEO: Improve URL structure when using pagination
  • Handle category restrictions on customer groups
  • Handle access rights on categories
  • Handle weight impact on the default product combination
  • Handle specific prices which modify the original product price
  • Handle current customer group for the "On sale" criterion group
  • Introduce compatibility with new text-based search modules (iqitsearch, prestasearch)
  • Introduce compatibility with JavaScript defer tag (useful with module like ETS Super Speed)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements




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