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V1.7 Migration 4.0 - 4.2.4 - Last version - 1.71.8

Ce Dee

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Migration 4.0 is perfect tool to migrate your store from old PrestaShop versions to PrestaShop 1.7 or migrate data between any PrestaShop websites (any version)

By using massive database mapping technology, our module guarantees that all of your data from the old site will be migrated to the new one with 10x faster speed and better accuracy comparing to other migration modules on PrestaShop Add-ons Marketplace.

What are our advantages comparing to other migration modules?
Faster and more accurate with massive database mapping technology (this technology makes Migration 4.0 completely different from other migration modules who migrate data entities one by one!)
Successfully migrate 3000+ PrestaShop websites from old version to PrestaShop 1.7
Professional customer support, your satisfaction is always our first priority!
Friendly and easy-to-use user interface, everything is automated, anyone can perform PrestaShop to PrestaShop migration without any knowledge of programming.
100% up-time for source site and target site, your business is never corrupted!
And many other capacities such as keep customer passwords, keep SEO ranking (preserve your backlinks), migrate multishop, etc.

Migration 4.0 allow you to migrate following types of data:
1. Products & categories
General information: name, status, description, product ID, reference, ISBN, EAN-13 or JAN barcode, etc.
Product combinations and features
Shipping settings: width, height, depth, weight, additional shipping fees, available carriers.
Prices: Price (tax excl.), price (tax incl.), price per unit (tax excl.), specific prices, taxes settings, etc.
SEO settings: Meta title, meta description, keywords, friendly URL.
Product customization
Product images and category images: main image and thumbnail images.
Product comments, reviews, and ratings (if your source site has “Product Comments” module installed)

2. Orders & shopping carts
General information: order reference, order ID, order status, prices, etc.
Export orders by time range before migrating
Shipping information
Payment information
Product list
Invoices, delivery slip
Customer note, customer messages
Shopping carts
Credit slips
Delivery slips

3. Customers & employees
General information: first name, last name, email, status, profile, language, default page, etc.
Passwords can be saved or regenerate new passwords for customers and employees.

4. Vouchers / Discounts
Cart rules (discount codes are also saved)
Catalog price rules

5. Taxes
Tax rules to apply taxes for products

6. Carriers & shipping prices
General settings: Carrier name, logo, transit time, speed grade, tracking URL
Shipping locations & costs: Add handling cost status, free shipping status, billing type, shipping tax, out of range behavior option, price ranges (all zones, all ranges)
Size, weight and group access: Maximum package width (cm), maximum package height (cm), maximum package depth (cm), maximum package weight (kg), group access

7. CMS pages
General information: Name, status, content, indexation by search engines status, etc.
SEO settings: Meta title, meta description, keywords, friendly URL, redirect URLs.
CMS categories

8. Customer messages & services
Customer messages via contact form
Customer services (departments)
Merchandise returns

9. Multi-shop data
Shop groups
All data of each shop (products, categories, customers, orders, etc.)

10. Localization data

11. SEO settings
All SEO settings such as meta title, meta descriptions, meta keywords, friendly URL, redirect URLs, etc. are also migrated from your old website to the new site. You can keep your SEO ranking on Google and all other search engines.

12. Other data
Migration 4.0 allows you to migrate all blog data (blog posts, post categories, blog comments, photo gallery, sider images, etc.) from our PrestaShop blog module – BLOG and all mega menu data from our PrestaShop mega menu module – Mega Menu PRO.

v4.2.4-ets_migrate_1.7.7.zip v4.2.4-ets_migrate_1.7.8.zip v4.2.4-ets_migrate_1.8.zip v4.2.4-ets_migrate__1.7.6.zip

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