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Prestashop TinyMCE Pro v2.3.9 - Extended Rich Text Editor


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Prestashop TinyMCE Pro v2.3.9 - Extended Rich Text Editor

Prestashop tinyMCE pro - extended rich text editor
PrestaShop in version changed the way of how rich text editor works. Module is ready for these changes. Just download latest version and reinstall module in shop's back office
After recent Chrome browser update (v58) rich text editors stopped to work properly, this module is not affected by this problem and it fixes default rich text editor in prestashop!
As you probably know recent version of prestashop has new technical side of rich text editor.
Module fully supports PrestaShop 1.7.6.x - extended editor allows to save also java scripts.
This PrestaShop module is a great tool for shop administration purposes. Addon extends rich text editor - it is by default very poor and non-intuitive) and includes additional features to it. With this addon you will be able to save any kind of code now, not as it was before: only some parts of html language (the rest were cutted out). Module will change each available tinyMCE editor in your shop back office to extended version. For example, addon will replace default editors in: product edit page, category edit pages, cms pages, translations of email, default and non-default modules, etc.




Prestashop TinyMCE Pro v2.3.9.zip

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