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User internal balance UserBalance Module v1.1.1 Nulled


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User internal balance UserBalance Module v1.1.1 Nulled

With this module, store customers can fill up in advance his/her personal account and immediately pay from it (fully or partial, if not enough money) all purchases in the store.
What this module does for you

Internal balance module makes your shop more convenient for customers and, consequently, can increase your profits. The module offers flexible options for administrators:
full multicurrency module - can handle multiple currencies, the customer balance is carried out in the currency of the store on default
the availability of internal balance is adjusted for different groups of shop customers
the administrator can choose which store payment modules are available for account replenishment
automatic or manual charging of funds on the customer balance (depending on connected payment systems of the store)
the administrator defines the order statuses under which money is charged to the user balance
the administrator defines the order statuses under which the money is removed from the balance (in case of the order refund)
the possibility of mass balance funding or deduction of funds from the balances of all customers of a particular customer group
adjusting of VAT charging on operations to balance recharging
possible to charge affiliate bonus and royalties to the customer internal balance (requires installation of appropriate modules)
the ability to return the value of any customer order to its balance upon order cancellation
the administrator can allow or deny payment for goods from the internal balance
the administrator determines the order statuses (paid from the internal balance) under which money is debited from the balance and returned to the balance (in case of return of goods)
the administrator can allow or deny a partial payment for the order (if money is not enough on the customer balance)
the administrator can allow or deny advance account replenishment
the administrator can allow or deny money withdrawal
email-notification of the administrator about the customer request to withdraw funds
the ability to set a minimum amount for withdrawal, in order not to be overloaded with "penny" payments
detailed statistics for the administrator about the funds movement on the customers balance





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