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Product Video v3.0.0


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Product Video v3.0.0 (Youtube, Vimeo, Link, Upload) + SEO Module Nulled PrestaShop

Set Youtube, Vimeo and custom videos to the product by category, manufacturer or by product itself the way you want. This module not only adds videos in an advanced way but also improves your website SEO.

What this module does for you
Unlimited Videos
There is no limit to adding videos to products and their thumbnails, so you can add as many videos as you want.

Multiple Video Types
Many types of videos can be added with the module such as Youtube, Vimeo, Video File Link, Video File Upload.

Mass Assignment
If you need to set the same video in multiple products, then no need to add the same video multiple times, with the help of this module you can set video on any categories or manufacturers entire products, just by setting the video to that category or manufacturer. Also you can set the same video to the multiple products.

SEO Interlinking
The module also provides a separate video page and the video is played with their interlinked categories, manufacturers and products, so the user can be redirected directly from the video page to the category, manufacturer and product pages. It helps to improve your website user experience and SEO interlinking.

Video to Store
Since the module is compatible with multiple stores, you will also add store specific videos which can be visible only on that stores.

Video to Customer Groups
Using this module you can also add customer group specific videos which will be visible only to those customer groups.




Product Video v3.0.0.zip

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