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Pluglin - Machine and Professional Translation Module v1.2.3


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PrestaShop Nulled Module - Plugins - And-Ons

Translate all of your web content: themes, templates, products, posts, e-mails...
*   Your multilingual content is always up to date.
*   You choose machine translation or professional translation.
*   Artificial Intelligence and advanced deep learning neural networks provide machine translation.
*   + 5,000 professional certified translators in over 120 countries
*   Continuous quality control with machine and professional double checking
*   Over 350 language pairs
*   Quick and easy, fully guided installation
*   100% user-manageable at all levels, including product level
*   Centralize all your translation management on a single platform
*   Fully integrated with your website
*   Simplified, optimized, and always monitored translation process
*   Pluglin makes sure your store’s designs and functionality are maintained in each language.
*   Totally efficient, it does not add extra tables, code, or formats.
*   Intuitive control panel for full control of your translations
*   Automate translation tasks so they can be more productive and streamlined
*   Edit, modify, and manage content in each language
*   Automatically translates all new content you add
*   Use glossaries and memories to optimize your memories
*   Search and replace text in your translations
*   SEO optimization for each language





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