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IPS Community Suite 4.7.1 - IPS Invision Community Nulled

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Invision Nulled - IPS Community Suite 4.7.1 - IPS Invision Community Nulled

IPS Community Suite 4.7.1
Released 08/08/2022


Key Changes
All platform key changes:

New Alerts feature
Improvements to the fluid mode per forum view
hCaptcha added as a new CAPTCHA option for use on the Contact Us form and when accepting guest posts
Ability to only log searches from specific member groups
New solved/unsolved filter for activity streams
Speed improvements when rebuilding Elastic Search indexes
Fixes and improvements to our Zapier integration
Self-hosting platform key changes:

PHP minimum version increased to 7.4
Support for PHP 8.1
Cloud platform key changes:

New product architecture to consolidate existing cloud functionality and to provide forthcoming features
[BETA] "Real time" notices when others are reading and replying to the same topics as you
[BETA] Image processing and moderation
[BETA] Sentiment analysis data collection
[BETA] Trending content


Do not update without a backup!
Some themes may have problems.


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4 hours ago, semsasuljakovic said:

@uQsThis release has a bug: dates are not shown or they are corrupt (if you publish something, forum gives date: january 1st 1970).

Patch for this bug is released, so can you please attach it here? It is available in "Support" tab for customers of IPS.

Hello, I am interested in the topic.

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