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Dokan Pro Nulled - v3.7.9


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Dokan Pro v3.4.2 NULLED + Dokan Theme v2.3.7.png

Dokan Pro Nulled WordPress Free Download

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  • uQs changed the title to Dokan Pro Nulled
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Changelog v3.7.8 Oct 27, 2022

**new:** [DeliveryTime] Added per day multiple delivery time slot support
**new:** [VendorSubscription/StripeExpress] Added Stripe Express support for the Vendor Subscription module
**new:** [ProductSubscription/StripeExpress] Added Stripe Express support for the Vendor Product Subscription module

**update:** [DeliveryTime] Updated vendor delivery time UI.
**update:** [DeliveryTime] Added delivery type (Home Delivery/Store Pickup) settings for admin
**update:** [DeliveryTime] Added store pickup time section under vendor dashboard order details page, also under the wooCommerce order details page store pickup-related information is displayed.
**update:** [DeliveryTime] Now vendors’ will be able to switch Delivery Time to Store location pickup from the order details page.
**update:** [DeliveryTime] Added `Full Day` support for delivery time for both admin and vendors.
**update:** [DeliveryTime] Added email notification support for customers after modifying order delivery time from the vendor dashboard.
**update:** [DeliveryTime] Added email notification support for customers & vendors after admin updates order delivery time from the wooCommerce admin dashboard order panel.
**update:** First day of the delivery time widget was set according to the site settings.
**update:** [Stripe Express] Added support for SEPA Direct Debit payment method to be used in favor of iDEAL during recurring vendor subscription
**update:** [Stripe Express] Removed Wallet payment methods from Add payment method page as they are not needed there
**update:** [Stripe Express] Removed Dokan prefix/postfix from customer/vendor end
**update:** [Stripe Express] Added theme-changing option for Stripe payment element
**update:** [MangoPay] Updated the MangoPay API library to the latest version.
**update:** [MangoPay] Set card payin with 3ds2 as mandatory

**fix:** [DeliveryTime] Custom date format isn’t working if the suffix is applied `eg: 1st` now has been fixed
**fix:** [VariableProduct] Some fields and options are missing for the variations section under the vendor dashboard product edit page
**fix:** [RequestForQuotation] When there are multiple requests for quotation rules, rules priority wasn’t considered and all the applicable rules were merged.
**fix:** [Refund] Tax Amount Box takes 3 Decimal Places under vendor dashboard order details page
**fix:** [Shipping] Fixed shipping cache wasn't removed after a shipping method has been enabled or disabled from the vendor dashboard.
**fix:** [StripeConnect] `No such customer found` error after changing API credentials of Stripe modules for Dokan Stripe Connect(non-3ds)
**fix:** [RMA] Fixes when a customer sends a refund request for multiple products, the amount of products shown in the quantity dropdown does not decrease accordingly
**fix:** [Geolocation] The geolocation map's pop-up on the shop page and the store listing page is not working fixes
**fix:** [VendorAnalytics] Tracking number is not being added to the source file when the Add Tracking Code setting is enabled.
**fix:** [TableRateShipping/WPML] table rate shipping vendor settings page wasn't accessible if the site language wasn't set to English.
**fix:** [TableRateShipping] Shipping Class column hides after switching to a secondary language.
**fix:** [Elementor] Spaces between paragraphs are too large under the store terms and condition page.
**fix:** [Stripe Express] UI conflict of payment request button with Astra theme in the single product page
**fix:** For all payment gateways, announcements and notices to non-connected sellers were showing for inactive withdrawal methods.

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Dokan Pro Nulled - v3.7.9 - Update

**fix:** Store category filter was not working in the admin panel
**fix:** [Geolocation] Store filtering was not working when geolocation was not set in the filters
**fix:** SweetAlert library is conflicting with the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin
**fix:** Fixed a fatal error after installing the Disable Rest API plugin
**fix:** [DeliveryTime] Delivery time box is showing on admin orders, even though the delivery setting is not enabled
**fix:** [DeliveryTime] Delivery time box is showing on vendor orders, even though the delivery setting is not enabled
**fix:** [DeliveryTime] Fixed some warnings on a fresh installation

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  • uQs changed the title to Dokan Pro Nulled - v3.7.9

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