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B2B Registration v1.2.0 - Advance B2B Registration Module


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B2B Registration module allows your B2B customers to register for a business account. B2b Registration gives you the option to auto-assign a specific user group to your business customer and offer them special offers.

B2B Businesses are a major part of e-commerce and if your online store offers B2B services it would be best that your store must be optimized to cater to B2B needs. B2B Registration module for Prestashop solves one such problem. By default Prestashop registrations forms are pretty simple and admin can not ask for more information from users at the time of registration.B2B registration module creates a totally separate registration form for B2B customers only. This form includes fields i.e business name, website, VAT number, etc that are essential for any business.
Admin can then verify that information from backend and if satisfy allow the registration to complete. There is also an option for auto-approval of new registration. If Admin has created a separate user-group for b2b customers only where he/she can provide special offers to their customers. Admin can then auto-assign b2b customers to that group.
There is also an option for email notifications for admin as well as for customers. Admin will get notification whenever a new registration request and the user will get an email after approval. B2B registration module also allows admin to include captcha in order to control spam.

Multiple Registration Profiles
B2b Registration module allows the admin to set up multiple registration profiles. Admin can create one profile for Wholesalers and users getting through this profile will be automatically added to the Wholesaler user group. The registration buttons for all the profiles will be shown on top of the page from where user can access it.

User Group Selection at Registration
Admin can also allow users to select their desired user groups at the time of registration. The registration form will have a drop-down list of all the allowed user groups.

Auto Vat Verification
Our module also does auto Vat verification at the time of registration.





B2B Registration v1.2.0.zip

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