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Wordpress Auto Spinner v3.9.0 - Articles Rewriter


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Wordpress Auto Spinner Nulled Articles Rewriter

Automatically spin WordPress posts

- WordPress Auto Spinner is a WordPress rewriter plugin that replaces post words and phrases with their synonyms.

For example, the phrase “smart decision” its synonyms are
“{smart decision|good move|smart move)” so if the post before spinning contains the phrase “smart decision”, it will be replaced with the phrase “good move” or “smart move” which are the original phrase synonyms.

That turns copied WordPress content into unique content.

Spin WordPress post title & slug

WordPress auto spinner has the option to spin the post title and also spin the post slug.

Autoblogs support

If you are using an auto-posting plugin like WordPress Automatic or any other plugin to post to your blog automatically, then WordPress Auto Spinner turns your automatic content to unique on full auto-pilot, just set & forget.

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 14 Bulk Spin Support

The plugin can rewrite already posted posts. Select which posts to spin and the plugin will queue them for spinning.

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 15 WooCommerce Support

WordPress Spinner supports spinning WooCommerce products so you can rewrite WooCommerce products automatically.

Manual user interface for modifying the rewritten post

You can review the rewritten article before publishing it and change rewritten synonyms using a seamless interface. Just hover on the rewritten word and its synonyms will appear in a list where you can pick another synonym.

Full control over the synonyms databases

You can Add/Edit/Remove synonym sets using an easy-to-use Ajax interface.

Custom Thesaurus support

besides the built-in synonyms, You can build your thesaurus using an easy-to-use Ajax interface.

Reserved words support

You can save words you don’t like to be spinned.


Excluded categories support

You can set specific categories to be excluded from being auto-spinned.

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 16 Exclude title words from spinning

You can spin the post content and exclude words that exist on the post title.

Spin manually written posts support

The plugin has the option to spin manually written posts.

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 17 Custom post types support

WordPress spinner can spin custom post types like products and listings.

Unlimited number of rewritten articles

by default, the plugin uses its local synonyms databases so it does not require any type of external spinning services.

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 18 Queueing and cron system

WordPress Spinner manages your server resources smartly by queuing all eligible for spinning posts and processing them one by one using a dedicated cron job or the built-in WordPress cron job. If you have millions of posts, do not worry the plugin knows what to do.

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 19 SpinRewriter Support

By default, the plugin uses its internal database of synonyms to spin the posts but if you like to use the external spinrewriter.com API, you can spin all WordPress posts using SpinRewriter so it works as a WordPress SpinRewriter plugin also.





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