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Schema Premium Nulled WordPress Free Plugin

Schema plugin is meant to perform on standard WordPress installation, it has the ability to dive into WordPress hierarchy and output the necessary schema.org markup across content.

A freshly installed WordPress site will have two specific content types to start with (posts and pages), Schema will take care of it!

For example: Automatically output schema.org markup for Blog, Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, and Taxonomy archives, …etc.

Not only that! Schema allow you to customize markup for other types of content on your site as well.

Challenges of Implementing Schema.org

Getting results like Rich Snippets in search requires valid and correct markup.

Unless you know how to code, it could be a bit challenging for you! SEO is endless, and it’s changing rapidly as the web become more complex.

So, developers created Schema, the best tool to automate schema.org markups on your site.



Schema Premium Faq Block v1.2.4

Schema Premium Howto Block v1.1.2

Schema Premium Local Business v1.0.1

Schema Rating v1.3.2

Schema Reviews v1.0.1

Schema Woocommerce v1.3.5




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