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Block Disposable E-mails v1.4.0

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Block Disposable E-mails v1.4.0 Invision Community

Completely block registrations using disposable e-mail addresses and prompt the user to use a real e-mail address

Scan and identify which of your existing members are already using disposable e-mails

Request (or force) existing members with disposable e-mails to update their account before gaining site access

Allow members to register with disposable e-mails, but log them for review in the AdminCP

Prevent members from changing their e-mail to a disposable one in the settings panel

Block members from registering multiple accounts under the same e-mail address by abusing Gmail Aliases

Log and view a list of the most frequently used disposable e-mail services on your community

Indisposable is an application that helps protect your community by blocking registrations that use disposable e-mail addresses.

Why are disposable e-mails bad?

Disposable e-mails are not inherently bad, but they should not be used for registering accounts on platforms such as IPS.

Foremost, they present a significant security risk for your members. These e-mail accounts are publicly available to anyone and everyone with no password required. That means if someone registers for your community with a disposable e-mail address, anyone else who also uses that disposable e-mail service can see this and could completely take over that persons account.

Second, disposable e-mails are commonly used for abusive purposes, as they make evading bans much easier. Instead of the user having to go through the lengthier sign-up process for a new e-mail account with GMail or so on, they can generate a new throwaway e-mail in seconds.


Block Disposable E-mails v1.4.0.zip

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