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Easy Import Products From CSV, EXCEL, XML, JSON, TXT Module v7.3.8 Nulled


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Easily Import products from CSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, JSON, TXT files. You can import new products or update existing products with just a few clicks. You can automate the process by CRON and make it get your file from specific location i.e. URL/FTP/Path.

ATTENTION: If you want to import products from XML file, you must check your file on the demo shop in order to make sure it will work correctly, because XML file doesn't have specific structure as it has unlimited depth of nesting and extreme flexibility of structure.
The benefits for merchants
Easily import products or combinations data from CSV/EXCEL/XML/JSON/TXT files.
Regardless of the size of your file, the module will import all data without any issues.
Server timeout problem is resolved by using AJAX and importing data in portions.
Configure CRON to import data from your file from any accessible location: http, https, ftp, or full directory path.
You can update products by Reference as well as ID.
Works very well with large files.
It allows to export products with just a click.
Multishop is supported. You can create new products in one particular shop and update existing products in all shops.
Images are not duplicated. The module will check and skip those images that already exist.
Allows you to delete products by import.


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