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Roja45: Quotations Pro - Receive and Send Quotes Module v1.5.20


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Increase Sales. Manage customer requests, or create offers directly, offer discounts, and custom shipping prices. Customers can order directly from the quote, or create quotations and orders from the back office. Lots of extra features, see below.

The most feature complete quotations module in the addons store, 1000+ downloads!

Works with Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 (all versions).

Front Office Features
Works in Selling mode and Catalog Mode.
Allow single or multiple product quotation requests.
Hide prices for quotable products.
Fully compatible with Multistore.
Enable specific products for quotation.
Enable quotation options by customer group.
A quotation cart provides multiple product quotation requests where the customer can add enabled products to the quote cart and, when ready, request the quotation.
Convert the shopping cart to a quotation request, or download a PDF copy.
Customers can purchase a quote directly from the quotation email.
Quotation details, and history, available in the customer account area.
Convert a quote to an order quickly.
Recaptcha v3 support, prevent spam requests.
Support Prestashop customization fields, saved customization information will be present in the quotation request.
Download a PDF copy of the quotation offer.





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