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Profile Songs v1.0.8

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Profile Songs v1.0.8

This application will allow your members to upload music tracks to play on their profiles with a nice tidy custom audio player


Adds a custom java-script / j-query / ajax music players added to users profiles ( if they have uploaded tracks that is :biggrin: )
Allow your members to upload multiple music tracks to their profiles
Adds a playlist with all their uploaded music allowing to switch tracks easy
Easily edit the track names by clicking and holding the track name in the playlist without having to reload the page
Easily re-position the tracks by dragging them and dropping them into your chosen positions
Audio player has 5 buttons
Repeat ( this will repeat the playing track )
Next ( skip to the next track )
Previous ( go to the last track )
Volume ( Toggles volume bar )
This will show and volume bar what you can drag with 2 more buttons allowing you to turn it up or down
Play / Pause ( Does what it says on the tin )
Easily delete each track without having to reload the page ( this will show a pop up asking to confirm the deletion )
Members can customise their audio players button / volume / progress bar from a choice of 8 colours what are either solid or with a shadow
Set auto play function so members tracks will auto play when the page loads
Allow members to add other members tracks to their playlists
This will not duplicate or copy any audio files it will just add the ability for the track to be played on other members playlists
Tracks added to playlists via sharing will not count towards the users uploads count as they are not actually uploading a new track
Members can toggle the ability for other members to add their tracks to their playlists easily via the audio player
When a member grants permission for their tracks to be shared a new add to my playlist icon will appear next to their track names 
If a member adds another members track to their playlist and the uploader decides to delete their track, the tracks will also be removed from all playlists it has been added to
Admin Member Group Settings ( These are set per group )

Can upload audio tracks
Select the maximum upload size per track
Select the maximum upload limit per batch of uploads
Select the amount of total tracks the member can upload altogether

Members Shop
Add's a item to the members shop allowing you to charge points for members to upload tracks
This will override all group permissions set except the total uploads per batch so if you only want to allow users to add tracks via shop items then you need to remove their permissions to use it and the item will be the only way they can add tracks




Profile Songs v1.0.8.zip

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