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Lottery (Members Shop Add-On) v2.1.1

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Lottery (Members Shop Add-On) v2.1.1

Lottery is a add-on for Members Shop, It will allow your members to gamble their points on lotteries created by you in the ACP, You can create different categories to place a unlimited amount of lottery draws in.


Front End
Main lottery page shows a grid of all the enabled draws
Buy a lottery ticket
Shows the draw time
Click to view the possible payouts for matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers
My tickets shows a grid of all your bought tickets
Shows your chosen numbers
Shows the draw date
If the draw is pending it will say it is pending
If the draw is complete it will ask you to claim the ticket
After you claimed your ticked it will pop up and say if you matched any numbers and if you did it will award you the points
If your ticket was a winner it will now show how many numbers you matched along with the amount you won
If you ticket was a losing one then it will say so
Shows a filter button so you can filter your tickets to chosen draws
Results page show a grid of the latest games that have been drawn
This is a small grid table showing 4 results with the ability to show more
Click a direct link to view all your tickets from the selected draw
Click to view the results of the draw ( Example, shows how many members have matched 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers ) this will update once a member clicked the claim their ticket ( If they won obviously )
There is also another grid table below this showing the latest 4 members what have won on the lottery
Shows the users avatar along with their usergroup
Shows the amount of numbers they matched
Shows the amount they won on that ticket
Buying tickets
You can choose to either pick 6 numbers or get a lucky dip




Lottery v2.1.1.zip

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