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Exclusive Addons Elementor Pro v1.4.9 Nulled


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Exclusive Addons Elementor Pro v1.4.9 Nulled

Exclusive addons for Elementor is packed with a bunch of exclusively designed widget for Elementor with all the customization options you'll ever need
108+ Widgets and Extensions
These are the most unique and of course Chef’s favorite in Exclusive Elementor Addons Menu. Please click View More to explore all the mouth-watering variations.

Design Stylish Header & Footer
Exclusive Addons comes with the ultimate Header-Footer builder for elementor. Create templates and place those at the top or bottom of the page.
Use the same Header & Footer for entire website.
Different ones for different pages.
Create as many templates as you want
Lottie Animation Widget
Bring in Lottie Animations to your Elementor Website. Increase your site’s engagement, make it more fun without even touching a line of code.
Integrate Lightweight & High-Quality Animations
Import Lottie by Copy-Pasting URL Or, Import from Local Storage
Variety of Ways to Trigger Animation
Steer Animation Speed and Style
Tailor Animation Appearance
Rotate Entire Animation- An Unique Feature

Cross Site Copy Paste
Copy widgets, columns, sections, and nearly all other elements from one WordPress site to another. It only requires a couple of clicks. This elementor extension works with the native Elementor interface and functionalities precisely and seamlessly.
Copy Elementor Content across domains
Compatible with Elementor interface
Perfectly integrates all Functionalities
Requires less time and effort
Copy almost every element





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