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Woocommerce Automatic Order Printing ( Formerly WooCommerce Google Cloud Print ) - v3.5


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Nulled Woocommerce Automatic Order Printing v3.5 ( Formerly WooCommerce Google Cloud Print )

Note : As per Google “After 31 December 2020, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported”. Printnode providing a perfect replacement for Google Cloud Print API. It’s the easiest & best API for automated printing tasks. Thats why, we have integrated PrintNode with our plugin.

What is it
WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing allows store admin to print order invoices, packing slips automatically using PrintNode.

Normally when an order is received, store admin will open the order and manually prints invoices, packing slips etc.. Doing it manually for multiple orders is time taking. This WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing makes this process automated.

How it works:
This plugin sends the configured packing slips, invoices to PrintNode automatically for each and every order which is placed in the WooCommerce store. Then PrintNode sends those prints to configured printers to print.





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