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Blocksy PRO - The Most Innovative WordPress Theme Nulled - 1.8.52


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Nulled Blocksy PRO - The Most Innovative WordPress Theme
Receive access to all the great features for designing the most advanced WordPress site. Whatever you might need and then some more is available here in an accessible and intuitive package.

Blocksy PRO Nulled features overview:
Enhanced Header Builder. Create unlimited number of advanced headers and display them on individual pages of your site based on conditions.
Header Pro Elements. Explore the new header items that open unlimited possibilities for your headers. All carefully crafted to match Blocksy's original design language.
Content Blocks (Hooks). Create content with your favorite design tools and display it anywhere on your site, guided by intuitive visual clues.
Advanced Menu. Create mega menus, add icons to your menu items, insert content blocks (hooks), set design styles for menu items.
Custom Fonts. Upload any amount of custom fonts and use them within every typography option from Blocksy. Advanced features like variations customisations and variables fonts included.
Google Local Fonts. Stay compliant with GDPR rules by offloading Google Fonts from your own server. Pick which fonts you need and Blocksy will do everything else.
Adobe Typekit. Integrate your Adobe Fonts kit within Blocksy with minimal efforts. Just paste you kit ID and the fonts that are in it will be readily available for you.
Custom Sidebars. Make every page from your site unique by assigning a different sidebar to each of them.
White label. Replace original branding, hide original branding panels.
Custom Code Snippets. Add globaly header & footer scripts or at page/post level
WooCommerce Extra. Superchange your WooCommerce store with the amazing features for maximizing your conversion rates.
Enhanced Footer Builder. Create unlimited number of advanced footers and display them on individual pages of your site based on conditions.
Ready to dive in?
Don't take our words for granted. Give it a spin and see everything for yourself! You won't look back.



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