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Piotnet Bricks Nulled - 1.0.5


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Nulled Piotnet Bricks
More advanced features for your Bricks Builder. Build WordPress websites easily. Specially for complex forms.

Our Features
Many Features will be released soon

Conditional Visibility
Empower you to dynamically control which elements are visible on your WordPress website

Instagram Feed
Sync with Instagram when uploading anything to Instagram it automatically shows up on your WordPress Bricks Website

Ajax Search (Coming soon)
Boost your users' experience by providing a user-friendly search bar. This feature will be coming soon

Form Conditional Logic
This single feature is a highly valuable option that can help you achieve control.

Form Calculation
If you want to calculate numbers submitted through fields, our calculated field can help you out.

Form Abandonment
Permit the Administrator to store Abandoned information and also help Website visitors keep completing the rest of the Form

Scroll Animations
Websites that display animations on scroll grab the user’s attention. This increases your site engagement and the likelihood of customers buying from you.

Scroll To Top
The scrollbar instantly jumping to the top of the page is desirable.

Advanced Tabs
Save space on your webpage and also encourage interactions from your visitors. You can add as many tabs as you need.

Image Comparison
Piotnet image comparison feature that visually compares a pair of images by customizing Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Piotnet Bricks Hotspot images contain clickable areas that will offer your site visitors more information.

Switch Content
Let you showcase your key information beautifully, and interactively on your Website.



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