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WooCommerce Account Funds - 2.7.1


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Nulled WooCommerce Account Funds
Account Funds will allow your customers to deposit funds into their accounts for which you can reward them with discounts.

Build your loyal customer base by allowing your clients to deposit funds into their accounts
The Account Funds extension helps build customer loyalty and recurrent business by ensuring that your customers spend their funds only on your store! You can reward them by offering exclusive discounts if they pay using Account Funds and therefore, incentivize its use.

This plugin is adaptable to the real mechanics of your shop, so it also works with partial payments. It is time to capture and retain the type of clients that allow you to build a long-term future!
Why use Account Funds?
It allows customers to top-up their account funds with an amount between the limits that you set.
Customers can use their deposited funds to pay for new orders within your store.
The shop manager can offer discounts to customers using account funds to create more incentives.
Mixed payment methods are allowed if the account funds don’t cover the order total.
Detailed reports to keep control of the stats and rate of usage of the account funds.
Deposited funds can be refunded.
The shop Manager can check and edit the funds of each registered customer in the store.
Add funds to your customers’ accounts when they sign up for your store.
Increase the average order value and make it recurrent
Account Funds is a very useful tool for creating strategies that are meant to increase your average order value. Once there is some data gathered about the median and average order value, one of the main objectives with our clients in terms of sales is to make this number go up. It usually depends on the type of products and services you sell and the buyer’s profile but if every client spends more per sale, you have more room to market better your products, invest money in your processes or hire more workers!

For that reason, you can set and measure the effect of bigger or smaller discounts when clients pay with their store funds. Moreover, by setting a minimum amount to top-up the account higher than your most bought product, clients will have a bigger incentive to spend more in your shop. However, you must be careful about this, high minimum amounts will make your clients reluctant to use Account Funds.



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