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Add Product with Customization Directly into Cart - 4.1.0


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Let your customers add the product with customization directly into cart. It will help you to speed up the checkout process by removing the step of saving the customization first. Also, witness increase in sales & customer satisfaction level.

Ecommerce merchants are integrating a range of new features every day on their website just for the customers. They also track the response of customers after adding each new feature on the site. This method helps them to work on only those features that are helping with the sales. As the customer’s behaviour is highly volatile, you can never know what might work?

Even after considering the above points, there is some certainty about the features that enhances customer shopping experience & save time. As these not only tempt a customer but also put in long-lasting effect on their mind. And it’s even true that most customers do consider these points while selecting a website for shopping.

Keeping in mind all this, we have developed the module that not only saves time of customer but also speeds up the ordering process. And, that module is none other than Add Product with Customization Directly into Cart module. The module allows your customers to put the products directly to cart along with customization added by them and removing the step to save the customization first.

Apart from this, the module brings the following features for merchants along with it.
Show or hide the save customization button on the product page.
Enable or disable the customization fields when the stock management is enabled.
Add selectors as per your custom theme for different fields & options.




Add Product with Customization Directly into Cart 4.1.0.zip

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