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Story 1.5.0

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Vala Story has a powerful ACP settings and tons of customization options and member settings as well. let's take a look :

ACP Options :

Main Settings:
Select story type [ Image / Video / External videos/images (Does not include YouTube direct links and social media links)]
Set daily number of submit story
Show stories from x days ago
Set maximum stories to show
Specify allowed image formats
Specify image file size
Specify allowed video formats
Specify video file size
Set duration of the story show time
Set maximum image story Height/Width'
Set menu item icon




Vala Story 1.5.0.tar

@scooterdud thx bro.

Vala Story 1.5.1.tar

@waluces thx bro.

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I deleted it too, there are many reasons really. Language strings are not all in place, some of them are in the html template for some reason, this is nonsense. The icon in the mobile navigation is not clear where it is hidden, it does not change not move, and this is only a partVery crude application.

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