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Pixel Manager Pro for WooCommerce Nulled


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Nulled Pixel Manager Pro for WooCommerce
Transmit visitor tracking information, events, and conversions to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and more with Pixel Manager Pro for WooCommerce free download
Improve Pixel Tracking Management
This plugin tracks WooCommerce shop visitors and collects valuable data for conversion optimization, dynamic remarketing, and reporting.

The Pixel Manager Pro is the most complete and flexible solution for implementing pixels of various providers, like Google Analytics (Universal and GA4), Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) Pixel, Meta Pixel (Facebook Pixel), Microsoft Pixel, TikTok Pixel, and many more.

The Pixel Managers advanced architecture has numerous advantages over other solutions:
Data privacy features allow you to achieve the highest level of GDPR (and other privacy) compliance.
It is very easy to use and easy to understand.
Filters allow you to modify the output very flexibly and customize it perfectly to your needs.
Standardized output to all pixels allows a much better apples-to-apples comparison between different providers.
Payment gateway accuracy report that shows how many conversions are lost due to redirect issues.
Automatic Conversion Recovery (ACR) feature allows you to recover lost conversions due to redirect issues.
Its transpiled and optimized JavaScript library ensures compatibility with more than 98% of all browsers that visit your website.
While the setup is as simple as it can get, the pixel engine under the hood is very powerful. It tracks all e-commerce events and implements all advanced pixel features like Meta CAPI (Facebook CAPI), Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce, Google Shopping Cart Item Tracking, and much more. For advanced users, the plugin offers filters that allow them to tweak the output flexibly and fine-tune the behavior for each shop.

What makes the Pixel Manager unique?

The unparalleled and high tracking accuracy, the simple user interface, and constant innovation make Pixel Manager the best solution for e-commerce tracking.

For instance, the Payment Gateway Accuracy Report shows how many conversions are lost due to redirect issues. Payment gateway accuracy issues are more common than you might think and the Pixel Manager is the only tracking solution that provides insights into that problem.

And with the Automatic Conversion Recovery (ACR), which helps you recover lost conversions due to redirect issues, the Pixel Manager solidifies its pole position in tracking solutions. There is no other tracking solution that ships that type of feature (yet).






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