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Nulled Eventin Pro Simplify Creating, Managing & Selling Events
Grow Your Online Event Management Business with Eventin Pro.
Create Memorable Events with Eventin’s Complete Set of Features
Multivendor Event Marketplace
Convert your event management website into a multivendor event and ticket selling marketplace by Eventin with Dokan.
Unique QR Code for Attendees
Create unique QR codes for guests who buy tickets and scan these QR codes at the event entrance to easily manage guests.
Maintain Recurring Events
Create repeated events for daily, weekly, monthly and annually with additional options for each till the specified period.
Event Calendar View
Display events with daily, weekly, monthly and annual views with Event Calendar to help attendees register for multiple events.
Simplified Schedule Management
Plan events by creating multiple custom schedules and repeat it for multiple events by adding them under one or multiple speakers.
Showcase Speakers/Organizers
Dedicate a single page for speakers and organizers to share their name, short bio, social media links, company url and more.
Unlimited Single/Multiple Events
Create an event with a single starting and ending date or add multiple events with multiple starting and ending dates.
Multi-tier Ticket Pricing
Create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets.
Unique Attendee Management
Give attendees unique ticket IDs and track their attendance for individual events by filtering their data from the admin dashboard.
Detailed Analytics Report
Track event guests with unique attendee tickets for each event attendee and view total ticket sales at a glance.
Custom Field for Attendee Form
Get full control over the registration form by creating custom registration forms for attendees with unlimited extra fields.
WooCommerce Payment System
Allow users to pay through WooCommerce-supported payment gateways to purchase event tickets.
Groundhogg & FluentCRM Integration
Maintain customer relationships using Grounghogg and FluentCRM to automate your marketing campaigns that save time.
Event Venue with Google Maps
When creating an event, add and display your event venue on Google Maps. Make it easier for guests to find your event location.
Purchased Event Details on User’s Dashboard
Show event details with an overview of the user’s panel. All of the purchased event details are now available on the user’s dashboard.
WooCommerce Coupon for Events
Creates multiple types of coupons like percentage discounts, fixed cart discounts, or fixed product discounts that apply to your events.
Stripe Payment System
Eventin supports the Stripe payment system. So users can pay with Stripe to buy their event tickets.
DIVI Builder Addon
Use Divi to create the perfect event management website
Front-End Event Management (1st Phase)
The feature allows authorized users in different roles to create and manage events from the front end of your website.
PDF Certificate Builder
Users can design and issue PDF certificates for the event attendees. They can send the certificate with a single click.
BuddyBoss Integration (1st Phase)
BuddyBoss group members can create and publish an event, and sell tickets from the front end according to the permissions.
API / Incoming Webhook
Users can pull real-time data with Eventin’s webhook. And use it to connect Eventin with any relevant application.




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