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Nulled Max Mega Menu Pro
Max Mega Menu Pro free download is an easy to use Mega Menu Plugin For WordPress. Under Mega Menu > General Settings you’ll find some configuration options that control the overall behaviour of Max Mega Menu (rather than the behaviour of individual menus or menu items). In general you can leave these options set as the defaults.

Max Mega Menu Pro Features:

Add interactive elements. Organize your site content by adding images, icons, maps or any other WordPress widget to your navigation.

Use with your existing theme. Automatically replace your existing theme menu, or use a Widget, Shortcode or PHP function to display your menus.

Easy Drag & Drop editing. Create Mega Menus the WordPress way. Build your mega menus using the familiar WordPress menu interface.

Unlock the full potential of Max Mega Menu. If you like Max Mega Menu, you'll love Max Mega Menu Pro. Use it to create vertical mega menus, accordion menus, sticky menus and much, much more.

WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads. Max Mega Menu Pro is a perfect partner for your e-commerce site. Easily display AJAX enabled cart totals right inside the menu.

Fine grained control over menu item styling. From highlighting an individual menu items to setting custom sub menu widths and background images, the Custom Styling functionality takes the pain out of writing custom CSS.

Mobile Menu Behaviour. Choose whether open sub menus on mobile should remain open until manually closed, or whether they should automatically close when a different sub menu is opened.

CSS Output. Max Mega Menu automatically generates the required CSS to display your menu(s). The CSS Output option lets you choose how this CSS is added to your page.




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