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Kronos Automatic Post Expirator Plugin for WordPress Nulled


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Kronos Automatic Post Expirator Plugin for WordPress nulled free download is a breaking edge post expirator (auto deleter) plugin. It uses a built-in wp-cron engine to automatically delete posts, as you define in it’s settings!

Kronos Post Expirator plugin allows the page admin to set expiration dates for both posts and pages and any custom post type you have active on the current WordPress installation. There are a number of different ways that the posts can expire:
older/newer selection
by fixed date – posts older/newer than 21/01/2010
by relative date – posts older than 30 days
Other post filtering options:
post author name
post category
post tags
post title
post comment status
post ping status
ignore sticky posts
post meta key/meta value
post type
post status
post slug
post search keywords
Other plugin features:
republish old posts
delete posts permanently or move them to trash
set old posts as draft or pending
reset publish date for old posts, to the current time (refresh posts) – video
detailed plugin activity logging
scheduled cleanup running (using wp-cron)






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