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Laravel Media Library Pro


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UI components for laravel-medialibrary
Components for uploads & media collections
React, Vue 2 / 3, Livewire, and Blade components
Clean UI in Tailwind CSS
Built for customization
Backed by a media manipulation powerhouse with more than 3 million downloads
Pick your flavor
Out-of-the box components cover use cases from single file uploads, multiple thumbnails to displaying entire collections with custom fields. Do you want to roll out your own variant? Read on…
Made to customize
All components have been designed from the ground up to be customized or extended. There are slots for the list, a media item, the props and item fields, so you can play with every part of the components.
Tailwind CSS support
Media Library Pro ships with a clean design that can be used as is, or integrates with your own tailwind.config.js to use your apps color scheme and settings. Nothing stops you to go even further and adjust every little detail with custom CSS.
Extra punch under the hood
We included the following pro features:
Temporary uploads ensure that users don't need to upload files when submitting an invalid form
You can use the components inside your Blade views, no Livewire knowledge needed. Alternatively, you can also used them within Livewire components
Extensive validation rules ensure that only files you expect get persisted
Support for Laravel Vapor (Vue and React components)
Built on rock solid foundation of Media Library which has been downloaded over three million times.




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