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Stripe Payment Pro (SCA-ready) Module


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Accept payments via Cards, Wallets, Bank Debits, Buy Now Pay Later, Vouchers, Bank redirects for payment with bank account. Expand business with global reach and improve conversion rate. Fight Fraud with 3D-Secure, Radar.

If you are looking for a ONE STOP PAYMENT SOLUTION then this is the module for you.
20+ payment options available with one stripe account allows any merchant to accept payments from customers worldwide.
Chargeback Protection is available with the Stripe Checkout.
Get eligibility for a Pre-filled SAQ A to ensure PCI compliance with secure communications.
Prevent any fraud by triggering Dynamic 3D Secure authentication with Radar rules which eliminate all risks with payments.
Increase conversion rates with new automatic confirmation checkout flow supports all payment regulations worldwide (SCA regulations for Europe etc).
Delayed shipping option can be used with "Authorize only" charge mode and capture payments later upto 7days.
All 3rd party OPC (one page checkout) modules are supported.

This module uses Payment Intents for most of payment methods to complete the payment process with Stripe and the customer's sensitive data will never records on your server with the high level of security and it prevents you from a big PCI DSS certification.




Not tested.


Stripe Payment Pro 4.5.3.zip

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