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IPS Community Suite 4.7.5 Nulled


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IPS Community Suite 4.7.5
Released 11/29/2022

Key Changes
This is our December maintenance release.

During the holiday period, our focus is on providing bug fixes and improving stability.

Additional Information

Added Twitch & Discord to list of theme Social Profiles.
Disabled Caching for Zapier API responses.
Fixed an issue where the Overview stats custom date range was excluding the end date.
Fixed an issue where copying custom fields resulted in a duplicate column error.
Fixed issue where items that were not permitted to be merged could be merged into other items.
Fixed an issue where copying a setting value does not use the correct value.
Fixed an issue where word expansions that end in a non-alphanumeric character are not properly replaced.
Fixed issue where banned users still receive email updates for streams.
Fixed an issue where changing the warning reason could append multiple default notes.
Fixed issue where creating a new FURL generated an error on PHP 8.
Switched Minimum Rating field on widgets to a dropdown to allow for the selected value to be cleared.
Fixed an issue where topic snippet view may be slow when managing topics with more than 4,000 pages and many reactions.
Fixed an issue where the error logs table would show the md5 hash instead of the error message.
Fixed an issue where notifications inside buttons were being cropped due to overflow:hidden.
Fixed the broken reported content states.
Fixed few instances in the topic view, where the "Send an Alert to .." toggle wouldn't work.
Fixed an issue where creating alerts could be broken with PHP8 if there was no End Date.
Fixed an issue where the attachments page could result in an exception caused by an Editor Extension which has no Attachment support.
Fixed an issue where Facebook would still show up in the content promotion form.
Fixed an issue where the maifest file was tried to be loaded from the wrong path.
Fixed an issue where the ignore page threw an error when there were no ignored users.
Fixed an issue where Checkboxes, Checkbox Sets, and YesNo fields were not included in Group Promotion or Bulk Mail filters.
Fixed the uncaught IPS\Http\Request\CurlException exception which was thrown when the IndexNow Request timed out.
Fixed an issue where the manifest file was tried to be loaded from the wrong path.
Fixed an issue where some orphaned profile field data could break the account completed check.
Fixed an issue where the cleanup task could fail while removing orphaned widgets.
Fixed an issue where Guests could access the Activity Streams when guest access was disabled.
Fixed an issue when comments are split from existing content where the alert may go to the wrong member.
Fixed an issue where moderators get email notifications for reported content that they cannot access.
Fixed an issue where mailto links were being rewritten in bulk mails.
Fixed an issue where filtering members by badges generated an error if no badges were configured.
Fixed an issue where club content could display in feeds to users with no permission to the clubs module.
Fixed a potential issue when de-authorizing member devices when using Redis.
Fixed an issue where predefined tags can throw an error on the Tags form on PHP8.

Fixed a missing Editor Name Language String ( filestorage__nexus_Gateways ).
Fixed an issue where upgrading/downgrading a product showed a hash in the member history.
Fixed an issue where viewing a billing agreement with no associated purchases generated a theme error.
Fixed automatic renewals to only charge credit cards on file when the invoice items allow for the card payment method.
Fixed an issue where a user could request a manual payout without entering payment details.
Fixed an issue where a user could not renew a cancelled subscription when the site forces all users to purchase subscriptions.

Fixed an issue where moderators without the permission to create alerts couldn't lock topics.
Fixed an issue where the "Solved Re-Engagement" email was sent for deleted topics.
Fixed the php8 issue where people without a signature could trigger an error on the topics page.

Fixed an issue where deleting an event without a dispatcher instance may fail.

Fixed an issue where deleting a blog without a dispatcher instance may fail.

Fixed an issue where the pages sitemap extension would create unnecessary rows in the sitemap db table.
Fixed a class not found error when viewing Pages Records.

Fixed an issue where missing metadata could result in an error with PHP8.
Changes affecting third-party developers and designers
Fixed an issue where reordering the ACP Menu items on a sub-menu removed other menus.
Fixed an issue where parameters were not being populated in REST API documentation for /report endpoints.



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