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GoMeat v1.0.2 - Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery Flutter App with Admin Panel


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GoMeat v1.0.2 - Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery Flutter App with Admin Panel Nulled Download

New Features
Membership Module: admin can add membership plans and user can buy membership to get same day delivery, instant delivery,2x ,3x rewards, free delivery etc.
Tax Module on Category: admin can add tax on parent categories.
Delivery boy Module Improved: Now add with more details like id number, id photo and admin/store can see the current location map of delivery boy.
Sub-Admin: admin can add subadmin with a role and admin can add role and assign section permission to that role.
Change footer text dynamically from admin panel
Live Chat option between users and store.
Enable/ Disable Live chat option from admin panel.
Advance orders section added in admin/store panel.
Order details POPUP with more details of order.
Area Wise Delivery Charges can be added by store.
User section with details option in admin panel where admin can see user’s orders, delivery addresses, membership history.
Notification list sections in admin panel for users, delivery boy and stores and admin can delete notifications from there.
Improved UI alignment correction in admin/store panel
Brand new UI/UX for USER App & changes accordingly in store and delivery boy app
Live Order Tracking in user app.
Add Spotlight Products section in store panel from there store can add products which store wants to show in spotlight section in user app.
Add Trending Search Products section in Admin panel from where admin can set trending search products.
Order by Photo section in user app store can create that order cart and process it on behalf of user.





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