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Image WebP, Compress, Zoom, Lazy load, Alt v1.5.91 & More Module Nulled


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Image WebP, Compress, Zoom, Lazy load, Alt v1.5.91 & More Module Nulled

Serve images are next gen format (webp) to rank better in google, when the browser supports the format, if the browser does not support webp format, images will be displayed in .jpg format.
The module is automatically pre-configured for best performance, no confusing settings.
Images supported: Product, Category, Supplier, Manufacturer, Cms, Modules, Theme images
Automatically generates webp format for newly added products.
Php WebP library optional, if your server does not have the necessary php libraries ( GD Library + WebP or Imagick + WebP) it will automatically convert the images using our free API.
Now converts and serves all Theme, Modules, Cms images.


Make sure that your files/folder have writing permissions
The external service used is FREE and everything is already setup and integrated with their API so you do not have to do anything.
The lazy load functionality is compatible with most themes/modules but in extremely rare cases it will not work due to bad written themes or module , we will offer our support to fix/adapt the functionality to the clients needs but we cannot guarantee it will work with badly written themes/modules, and we will not offer a refund if this is the case.
WebP conversion needs php library to support WebP conversion, if your hosting does not allow that, as a fallback method the module will use our internal conversion API which is free, but it's slower - to use it just use the module as your would normally do, it will detect you do not have the necessary extensions installed and it will automatically use the in-house API . We strongly encourage even if you use the WebP conversion with our API to install the required libraries as soon as you can on your hosting. We recommend installing Imagick php library with Webp support, as it supports conversion of transparent background images, the GD library does not support transparent background.
The module requires PHP >= 5.6 to work properly
Module can have issues if you are using Apache PageSpeed module (server installation, not in anyway related to prestashop)






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