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Vue File Manager v2.0.7 - Store, Share & Get Files Instantly - Private Cloud Build on Vue & Laravel Nulled


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Vue File Manager v2.0.7 - Store, Share & Get Files Instantly - Private Cloud Build on Vue & Laravel Nulled

Meticulously Designed User Interface & User Experience
In last 2 years of VueFileManager evolution with help of our users, we spend a lot of time designing gorgeous looking user interface and seamless user experience with our file management frontend. We advocate simplicity and usability.

Meticulously optimized mobile version of VueFileManager, we just love how nice and easy are all components working. Mobile responsive version should be nice and usable as his bigger desktop brother.

Metered Billing System – SaaS (Extended License Required)
Metered billing works like ‘Pay as You Go’. You can charge your users by their usage, how many Gigabytes of data they have stored, how many Gigabytes of data they transfer or just you can set up your fixed flat fee.

Offline Payments – SaaS (Extended License Required)
With a metered billing system, users don’t need to own and have registered credit cards. VueFileManager has its own credit system where users can increase deposit with a single-payment charge. This charge can be processed By PayPal, Stripe or Paystack provided payment methods – for example Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Account, USSD, Mobile Money, EFT, QR Code, PayPal credit and many more.

Also, you as an admin can give a bonus in a certain value for every new registration, or send an existing bonus for a user in a certain value. Users with a metered billing system can set their Billing alert with a certain value. All metered subscriptions are settled every 30 days.

With Stripe enabled, users can register their credit to charge any payments automatically.





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